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best buns in town

A few weeks ago, Dave and I had a Saturday morning date and went to this little place called Isles Bun Company in uptown. Whoa. That place is amazing. If you live in the area, run, don't walk, to this tiny little aroma filled, goodness serving, giant mixer using slice of heaven as soon as you can!
Thank you. Your life will forever be changed.

As you can see, weeks later, I'm still drooling over this place. It's that good.


Jweaver said...

ohman.. I want some of those buns!!

Anonymous said...

Dude...this was the place Bethany and I used to go to every weekend when we lived downtown. It is my favorite place to eat breakfast. Puppy Dog Tails RULE, and their scones are to die for.

Meet you there whenever we come back to America?

Anonymous said...

BTW, that was Kurbis.