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Cruisin': Cozumel

Cozumel was our last stop. It was relaxing as we spent the whole time lounging on the beach.

Correction: the girls spent the day lounging on the beach. The boys spent their day in the following way:

This is where Amanda and I camped out. Behold our little slice of heaven:

Lessons learned in Mexico:
1. no matter how much sun screen you put on, you WILL get burned
2. all you can eat and drink deals may not be worth it
3. don't be too hasty to purchase vanilla because a better deal is sure to come along
4. renting an umbrella is always a good idea
5. get back to the ship late and they will leave you behind! We didn't have to learn this lesson fortunately, but they did leave a few people behind in Cozumel. They are most likely still boozing it up at the Three Amigos bar. Smooth Move.


mrs boo radley said...

That last pic is my fave. LOVE!!