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29 things

1. finish our wedding album (seriously hoping to get this off the list this time around!!)

2. go on bike rides with Dave

3. attend an auction

4. participate in a race

5. start the 2nd bathroom

6. get large bookshelves

7. file all important papers

8. put really important stuff in the safe

9. spend more time with grandparents

10. journal more consistently

11. write more handwritten letters and notes

12. make an advent calendar

13. make curtains for bedroom

14. finish bedroom re-do

15. hang art collage in dining room

16. hang art above couch

17. save for big trip!

18. get into a grocery shopping routine

19. bake my own bread consistently

20. learn how to use my sewing machine

21. get into a consistent work out schedule

22. incorporate flax seed into more things

23. cook with more grains

24. learn to write grant proposals

25. be more like Jesus

26. start the kitchen re-do

27. plan weekend getaways to local towns

28. learn how to knit more than just a straight line

29. keep my house clean


Jweaver said...

good and practical list. I am still working on mine but funny thing: I want to make an advent calendar too! (we're totally friends) I have been looking at them as well as nativity scenes as something more Jesus centered to have as Christmas decorations.