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Our Journey

David and I find ourselves on a journey, and although I probably should be talking about this wonderful, amazing thing called marriage....I thought we haven't been on that journey long enough to post anything too profound. The other (less significant) journey we are on is watching all the Academy Award winning best pictures from the very first to the most recent. The very first Best Picture Oscar went to a 1929 silent film called Wings. Now you can imagine that this journey started out a bit rocky. We were questioning what exactly we got ourselves into. Should we continue down this road, not knowing what may lie ahead? But like all journeys, the road smoothed out and after some definite pot holes, we have enjoyed some smooth sailing. Our most recent viewing was of 1935's It Happened One Night. This is the first one I can highly recommend. Although we have enjoyed the black and white, we are looking forward to some color. I don't think that happens until the 40's. I will undoubtedly continue to post on the ups and downs of this journey, and of course give our recommendations on must sees.

Married and loving it!

Hello All!

I've decided to step away from the usual quotes and blog a little about the sweetness of married life! As Justin put it "Married life kicks bachelor life's butt." So true, so true. I think it really hit me one night when Jessica and I were getting ready for dinner, and listening to some Nat King Cole. It was a beautiful thing. The picture above was taken at that dinner.

Our honeymoon was AWESOME! Let's just say Cabanas, Snorkeling, bar snacks, barefoot, ocean, mayan ruins, jungle beats, crocodiles, bug bites, tiny airplanes, malaria pills = crazy dreams, scorpions, beachside dinners, and other stuff....

OH! I also added Jessica to this blog, so there are a few picture changes, and she'll be adding posts as well! This should be a good time!

Of course, I couldn't end a post without an incredible quote. This one is from a crazy lady in my brother's work parking lot.

"I HATE YOU MINNEAPOLIS, you did it to Bob Dylan and now you're doing it to me!"