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the boy's got moves

the fastest year of my life

a muppet party

Well, it's official. Our baby is one. ONE! We thought while he is still unable to choose his own party theme, we would pick something super fun; Muppets! Here is a peak at the fun.

I made a picture garland of him from birth to 12 months

Kermit apple made by Auntie Kellie!

We asked all of our guests to wear a muppet birthday sticker

My good friend Becky made this perfect cake for Max. Isn't it amazing?!

Max, we can't believe we are celebrating your one year birthday. 
We are so glad you were born!! You have changed our lives in every way possible and we thank God every day for that.
We love love love you! 
We pray God's rich blessings over you in this next year and every year to come.

12 months

Technically he's not 12 months until 4:15pm tomorrow. Tomorrow. My baby will be 12 months tomorrow!

This picture is great, it looks like he is karate chopping Olive!

Max, here are your 12 month stats:
-You have 8 teeth and are working on a few more!
-You are SO close to walking 
-You love blueberries and anything tomato based
-You are a little nature boy. If you are cranky, being outside will instantly change your mood!
-You love to clap

Max, this has been the happiest year of our lives. We love you so much and are looking forward to how  you grow and change in the year to come. We thank God for you every day!

make like a tree and leaf

Max was pretty serious during his first romp in the leaves, not quite sure what to make of it.

But having leaves thrown on his head seemed to change his mood, naturally.

He's such a nature boy. He loves being outside, playing in the dirt. 
Already that's one of his favorite things to do.