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The Merriest

Christmas! I feel like we think and plan for it for weeks, sometimes months and then it's here and gone. Although our celebrations lasted a week! With both of our families in town, we like to be able to see everyone at some point around Christmas. Here is a picture recap of our festivities (starting at the beginning of December):

I hope everyone had a peace-filled and blessed Christmas!


Here's proof that Max is a little obsessed with robots, even though his exposure to them has been quite minimal.

There was an elephant and rhino sitting on the shelf

Max points to the rhino: Elephant!

Me: No, that's a rhino. This is the elephant.

Max: Oh, yeah.

A few minutes goes by. He holds up the rhino

Max: Robots?

Me: Rhino

And today....

Me: Do you want to go see Santa?

Max: Yeah!

Me: You will have to sit on his lap and he'll probably ask you what you want for Christmas.

Max: Want.....

Thinks about it for a minute

Max: Robots!!

And just like that....he's two.

Hello friends. We have been so busy over the last few months that blogging felt a bit overwhelming on top of everything else. But I'm back! And our little boy is TWO. I know everyone says this, but how did that happen?! Yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital, I swear. And now he's practically a teenager. Please time, you need to slow down!

I will be posting pictures of his birthday party, as well as what we have been up to over the last three months, but for now here are a few 2 year old pics of the lad.

Maxwell David:
We are having SO much fun with you. Your goofy personality brings a smile to my face countless times every day. You are so smart, surprising me all the time with your growing vocabulary and knowledge of the world around you. We are so thankful for you, buddy.
Here are some of your favorite things at the moment:
- Buzz
- Pooh
-Curious George
- Tomato soup
-Doing everything by yourself - "I do it!"
-Playing with Daddy

You are my very heart, sweetie boy. I love you!