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Quote it!

"Well slap me thrice, and take me to my mammy."
- A pirate from Pirates of the Carribbean

"Man! One time, back when I lived in Omaha, I didn't pay my water bill for a couple of months, and they had THE audacity to shut my water off!"
- some dude in the skyway.

"Oh my Stars!"
- Galileo

Fake Parents

Last weekend we stayed with two little kids while their parents were away; Alithea (4) and Danny (2). They are very well-behaved children, so the weekend was not exhausting in a "we ran after disobedient children all weekend" way, I only administered one time out, but we both were so tired when we got home Sunday afternoon, despite their good behavior. It was fun to kind of test out our parenting skills and see how we would react in certain situations. We both decided that being parents will be fun someday. Dave made sure to emphasize the someday.
One funny thing about the weekend is how obsessed with guns Danny is. He LOVES to play guns with whatever object happens to be lying around. His object of choice on Saturday was a big wooden whistle he said he was shooting bad guys with. If anyone knows Dave even semi well, you will know that he holds some pretty strong peacemaker beliefs and doesn't like guns at all, so to see him playing guns with Danny was pretty funny. We took the kids to Fuddruckers for dinner and they have a coin operated hunting game that of course drew Danny in like a magnet. All he wanted to do was play this hunting game with the big shot gun. We let both the kids play it and even Dave played a round!
All in all, it was a good weekend and it was fun to be fake parents, for a small amount of time. And that small amount of time is plenty for now...

Hi all. Dave Here. I thought I would quick add a few photos from the weekend. Overall it was a pretty fun weekend, and I for sure would do it again. It made me realize that having kids will be doable and Jessica and I will have a great time having them.......someday. Here's the pics.

"No, No Thea. After you shoot the gun you have to cock it again. Like this..."

The Life of a Treasure Hunter for Me!

Dave and I went to see National Treasure 2 last night. I know some of you think those movies are super cheesy, but I for 1 love them! I am captivated every time by that kind of movie or book (Dan Brown writes the same kind of clue following, conspiracy filled adventures). After seeing a movie like that, I immediately want to leave the current life I lead in order to have a life of stealing ancient documents and kidnapping presidents. Why does it suck me in every time? Let's face it, it's certainly not the stellar dialogue. It must be the magic of Hollywood. Who wants to be a measly accounting assistant crunching numbers when somewhere out there, there are ciphers to decode, clues to crack and treasure to find??

Let them eat cake!

The bakery we used for our wedding is this great little neighborhood place near my office. Everything was perfect, except the small, but very important detail of including the cupcake stands wtih the cupcakes for the reception. When made aware of this blunder, they sent us a refund of the cost of getting different (expensive) cupcake stands at the last minute and a gift certificate for a free cake! This certificate was going to expire soon, so I jumped on the chance for free cake. While ordering, she asked if I wanted it decorated in a certain way. I responded with "um...spring flowers" since there was still snow on the ground, and "can you have it say Congratulations?" Then I had to come up with something to celebrate. Hmm...nothing immediately came to mind since neither one of us were having birthdays. I decided to call David and announce that, "tonight we will be celebrating being married for two months!" Cheesy I know, but come on...that's something to celebrate!

Missing Jar of Spiders

Has anybody seen my jar of spiders? I had 10-12 of those little guys in a jar some place in our apartment. Jessica is getting suspicious.


I'm convinced that we have a spider living in our bed. This scary thought is based on two things.

1) I have been having spider related dreams for the past week that are so real that they (apparently) make me kick in my sleep.

2) I have 2 very suspicious red itchy bumps on my legs that look a lot like bug bites.

Dave thinks I'm ultra paranoid. I think I'm the victim of a secret spider conspiracy.

Based on this stroke of brilliance, I told Dave he should wear more hats.

Anybody want to back me up?

A nice trip to the great white APRIL?!

Jessica and I took a nice little weekend getaway to Za and Bumpa's, Jessica's Grandparents, cabin this past weekend. Beautiful weather rolled in on Saturday and we went for a nice walk in 45 degree weather. The sun shined, we couldn't be happier.....until that night! CRACK, BOOM! We heard a distant wasn't that distant at all actually. We gaily chuckled to ourselves as we heard the slight patter of what we thought to be rain. WE WERE WRONG. SNOOOOOOW. Lots of SNOW. It started falling in buckets. One to two hours later we had about an inch, and we decided to hit the hay. Sunday morning we awoke to tons of snow. Over the next 24 hours it snowed around 24 inches! Unfortunately the plow guy couldn't come to plow out the driveway until Monday afternoon, so we both had to miss a day of work. Bitter/Sweet feelings flowed through our veins. Bitter: the possibility of having to use PTO that has already been spent in BELIZE! Sweet: Being trapped in a winter wonderland with my wife! Overall we had a great time at the cabin, wouldn't change a thing, except maybe all the phone calls we made to Randy the plow guy. I ended up dreaming that his entire family came to the cabin....although the cabin magically had a sweet 80s arcade, so.