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The Cabin Rocks the Party part 5

Alternately Titled: The Widow Maker

One of the neighbors on the lake created THE BEST rope swing that I have ever seen or experienced on this planet. He welded it together from two street lamps that he had purchased at an auction.

After many swings, bruises, and bumps we were able to get the hang of it.

Step 1: Climb to the top of the platform and grab the rope.

Step 2: Swing like there is no tomorrow.

Step 3: Let go and splash!

After we were able to get the basics down, we decided to start to fanagle with the formula. My father-in-law eventually tried a backwards dive to much success, and we also tossed a football to the person swinging. For the football toss we had only 2 completions but it was all totally worth it. Here are a couple of videos for you to behold....

The right way

The wrong way

The Cabin Rocks the Party part 4

Sick of this series yet?? Only a few more...

Alternately titled: Dave gets a makeover

When we got to the cabin, Dave looked like this:

His plan was to get a haircut and shave his beard. Something went haywire because halfway through the week, he looked like this:

I got scared.
I ran into the cabin and refused to come out until he shaved.
Except to take this picture:

And then everyone got scared.
We all ran into the cabin and refused to come out until he shaved.
Thankfully by the time his parents joined us for the weekend, the 'stache was gone.

Let's get a close up

And everyone was happy.

The End.

The Cabin Rocks the Party part 3

Alternately titled: Bowlerama!

What family vacation would be complete without a trip to the small town bowling alley??

Bowling. What is it about bowling that brings a family together?

that demands team spirit...

that evokes the world's best victory dances...

Don't you think if everyone just went bowling more often the world would be a better place?

I thought so.

World peace might even be achieved.

The Cabin Rocks the Party part 2

Alternately titled: Olive goes for a swim

We are not cruel people. We're not. But I believe that dogs (most dogs) are meant to swim. So, when your dog is being a chicken:

You must throw her in. It's really for her own good.

She might be terrified at first.

But just throw her in a few more times and she's sure to thank you for it.

She might even go in all by herself

She didn't actually jump off the dock like we were hoping she would, but she did wade in by herself and swim around quite a bit.

On the agenda next weekend: get Olive to jump off the dock!

The Cabin Rocks the Party part 1

It has been a loooong time since I've been up to the cabin for an entire week. We used to do it all the time growing up. It's been an Amos family tradition to take a summer vacation up there, but I had to grow up and get a real job and now there's a nasty little acronym that keeps this from happening: PTO. But things worked out beautifully this year and we were able to pull it off!

It's quite the adjustment being back in the real world after waking up to this every morning:

We have many pictures to share and stories to tell. Stay tuned for: rope swing adventures, mustache man, Olive takes a swim, bowl or bust, and more.

Over the River and Through the Woods

To the cabin we will go.

For. an. entire. week. It's going to be awesome.

Remember when this happened at the cabin?? Let's hope this trip has less hungry wildlife involved.

Have a good week everyone!

Herb Smell Test and other activities

Fun Fact #1: I used two tomatoes from our garden in our meal last night!

Fun Fact #2: Lark came to hang out with us for the evening.

Do you remember our special little friend Lark? You can read about her here.

We have so much fun when Lark comes to hang out with us. Last night's activities included eating pasta, playing with Olive:

An herb smell test (I'm really good at identifying herbs by their smell, btw):

And fun in the hammock. She said she was being a pea in a pod. Clever, no?

Lark is going to be a big sister in December so we gabbed about that much of the evening. She is going to be the best big sister this world has ever seen!
Thanks for hanging out with us Lark. See you soon!

Coolest Thing Ever!

I'm about to tell you about something really cool. Are you ready?

Our friend Jeff shared this bit of knowledge with us, and now I'm sharing it with you. It's bound to change your life forever.

There's a website called paperback swap and it's amazing. This is how it works:

1. You sign up

2. You post books that you are willing to ship to others

3. Once you post 10 books, you get two credits to use on any two books you want.

4. Each time you send out a book that someone requests from you, you get a credit to use on any book you want.

5. That's it

We have already shipped out two books and have requested 3 or 4 books from others. it's a magical, beautiful thing. I thought I would have a hard time getting rid of some of our books - because I'm a book hog - but it was quite easy knowing I could pick out other books for "free."

And it doesn't have to be just paperback books. It includes hardcovers, audio books, text books, magazines, you name it!

It's really a gem of a program.

Finally, some yard work!

This weekend included quite a bit of yard work and it was long overdue! My uncle came over with all his fancy tools and trimmed our trees and bushes and everything looks amazing! I'm kicking myself for not taking any before and after shots because the transformation is huge. Oh well. Just imagine crazy, out of control bushes and trees with limbs hanging way too low. And then imagine everything looking pristine and perfect. Nice, right?

This is my Uncle Bruce.

This is my cousin Jacob would helped to keep Olive occupied while the guys worked.

Dave got in on the action and tried out his trimmin' skills!

And me? What did I do to contribute? I made sun tea!

Thanks Bruce and Jacob for coming over and transforming our yard!

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Thanks for the video Justin!