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In 2 hours or less...

If any of you live in the Minneapolis area and occasionally order pizza from Uptown Pizza, please consider boycotting them with me. Based on this scenario that played out this past Saturday afternoon, we will no longer be giving them our business.

After waiting almost 2 hours for our pizza:

Pizza dude: Uptown pizza, can I help you?

Me: Yes, we ordered a pizza at noon and seeing as it's 1:42 and we haven't seen any pizza yet, i was wondering if it's possible to get reimbursed?

A normal pizza dude: Oh, I'm so sorry your pizza was so late. We would be happy to reimburse you and give you coupons for your next order..

THIS pizza dude: No, we cant give you anything for free. I'll call the driver and have him come back.

Me:, we would like our pizza that we have waited almost TWO HOURS for thankyouverymuch! But since we have waited SO freaking long, do you think we could at least receive a discount on said pizza?!

Extremely rude pizza dude: No, no discount, no free pizza, can I please speak to the person who placed the order?

Me (knowing the person who placed the order isn't argumentative): I don't see how that is relevant to the situation. I am with the person who placed the order, you will be speaking to me!

Pretty much the rudest pizza guy I have ever encountered: Lady, I am the owner and you are not getting anywhere with me.

An extremely upset and disgruntled Jessica: This is extremely poor customer service! Who takes TWO HOURS to deliver pizza and then doesn't given a discount for heavens sake?!

By this time our pizza had arrived and I was too upset to take this phone call any further so I instead ate two pieces or pepperoni and called it a day.

Seriously...Don't get pizza from them. It's just not worth the wait.

Music week 4.

Hello All,

I haven't forgotten about my quest to listen to all my music, alphabetically by song order. I'm still sailing along. I took a little bit of a hiatus last week when we were in Chicago, but I'm back on track. The last few days I haven't run into anything too disagreeable, so most of the songs have been pretty good.

I'm also working on my Grandma's Christmas records. I have about 7 or 8 left to get on CD before Thanksgiving, so it's kind of like a mid-term paper rush from the college days. It will all be totally worth it when I have 13 more CDs to give her on Thanksgiving day. Last night I listened to "The 12 days of Christmas" and "Christmas in Scandinavia". For the Scandinavia record one side was in Norwegian and the second side was Swedish. I couldn't understand a word they said, but the music entertained me while I read and got ready for bed. It's been pretty pleasant to have the old time Christmas music playing throughout our apartment these days. Jessica also bought a very Christmas-y candle, that she has been burning. The candle is a mixture of two different scents. One is called "Christmas Eve" and the other is something like "Santa's workshop". So, I have no idea what the second scent is. I'm sure Jessica will comment and let us know.

BACK to the original intent of this post....MUSIC OF THE WEEK!

Boo yea song: Ask the Lonely by Journey. OH man, this song started in the morning, and carried me through all day. I love that song.

A good but forgotten song: At a Glance by AFI. Always been a fan of this entire album, but I hadn't listened to it in ages.

A good song that I will never understand: At the Bottom of Everything by Bright Eyes. I will probably never understand most of the lyrics that come from this dude. Although, this is the same guy that said "I took a couple of months off from doing cocaine to kind of cleanse my body" so I think it's a little justified.

Well that's all I have for today. It's been a while since I've blogged. I'm glad to be back on the Blog Train.

Wicked Awesome

Wicked is so totally wicked awesome. The music, the costumes, the story....I mean, it's all just so...wicked!

Has anyone seen Kung Fu Panda where Jack Black's character says, "Legend tells of a legendary warrior whose kung fu skills were the stuff of legend.." HA! Oh, it makes me laugh every time.
Please excuse me, my espresso consumption was borderline excessive today.

The company I work for took us all to see Wicked last night for our holiday party. Pretty wicked eh? Ok, last time. I promise.
Though this was not my first time seeing it, it was no less awe-inspiring or dazzling. As I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open I thought to myself, "and why cant I make this performance apart of my every day routine?" I mean, how great would it be if every day I could get up, have breakfast, go into work, leave at noon, go see this truly talented cast perform Wicked and then go home and eat dinner? I don't see where the problem is. I'm going to look into the possibilities immediately.


Dave and I just got back from a rip-roarin' Hilden family trip to the Chicago area for the semi-annual coin operated machine show! There were nine of us all together and it was wild and crazy but oh so fun. Unfortunately there's not one picture to be had from the entire trip. AHHH. How could I not take any pictures?? I guess I was just not in a picture taking mood. I'm entitled. Well actually....there was ONE picture taken. We all had matching "Crow River Trading" shirts on and our picture was taken for Antique Monthly Magazine, or something like that, so if I can get a hold of that picture, believe you me, I'll pass it along.

In lieu of having pictures to share from the trip, I will share with you more of my "to do before 27" list.

Numbers 11-19

11. Use eggplant in a dish I like. Eggplant Parmesan perhaps?
12. Participate in another race (length? TBD)
13. Make a chicken/turkey dinner
14. Take another road trip with Dave. (and get Dave to finish editing our video from the last road trip.)
15. Get a funky bundt pan and make a funky bundt cake.
16. Start an herb garden
17. Go on a girls trip.
18. Go through the Bible chronologically
19. Pay off our car.

I just LOVE lists. Any other list lovers out there? Sometimes when I'm writing lists I purposely put a few things on there that I've already accomplished just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing it off. I'm very tempted to do that with this list, but I'm going to refrain. update on # 2: I'm almost done with my picture project!! I just have to ask Dave really nicely to help me hang it up.


I dug my winter boots out of the closet this morning because when I looked outside, this is what I saw:

What? You've seen this picture before? In a previous cabin post you say? Man, you people are perceptive. Ok, so this may not have been exactly what I saw when I looked out my bedroom window this morning, but since it was the first snow fall that stuck around for more than 30 seconds, in my mind this picture and what I saw were one in the same.

Winter is officially here I guess. I have to admit, I'm sad to say goodbye to fall. I love fall. But there are things that I love about winter too. Trudging through the snow to get to my car and spending 10 minutes scraping it off just doesn't happen to be one of them. The boots are here to stay.

10 of 27

I made a list.

Since I recently had a birthday I figured I would spend some time thinking about my upcoming year.

I made a list.

Next year at this time I will be 27 so I decided to make a list of 27 things I wanted to do before the age of 27.

Here (with no rhyme or reason) are numbers 1-10 of said list.

1. Get my picture project done
2. Go to the Global Market
3. Finish our wedding album/scrapbook thing
4. Get a funky spice rack
5. Find and purchase wall art for the kitchen
6. Get a bike
7. Get Dave's bike fixed
8. Go on bike rides with Dave
9. Make my own cleaning supplies
10. Finish making my "things to do before age 27" list.

Alright, so that last one probably doesn't count, but it's hard coming up with 27 things ok? 27 is a big number, but I promise to think real hard about it in the coming days and get back to you with numbers 11-27. They will be doozies. Nothing short of spectacular. Get ready.

Music week 3

Hi All,

I'm been slacking lately! I was supposed to post music stuff yesterday, but you guys are getting it today.

Here's what Steve writes.....

Probably my only real boo yeah song so far

Bone Machine by The Pixies

As for me...I bucked my own system this week and just listened to whatever I wanted on the iPod. So I have a few different categories.

Song to get me going in the morning: Don't Tell Locke What He Can't do by Moneen

Album to help me unwind after a long week: A Sunday Afternoon Pops Concert (from Grandma's Records)

Songs I should be sick of but I'm not: Angels of the Silences and Anna Begins by Counting Crows. You guys are going to find that I really can't get enough of the Counting Crows.

Right now, Saturday morning tunes while Jessica bakes: Miles Davis


For my birthday we went out with some friends to a lovely French restaurant - er, sorry, French - American restaurant (Dave has reminded me of that 17 times) and had a great time! If you would like to see pictures of our fabulous evening, please check them out on Stephanie's blog.

I love birthdays.

And I love birthdays celebrated at French-American restaurants. The only thing that could have made it better is if we had been in France. Hmm...maybe next year. Dave...are you reading this? Can we? Ok great. Thanks in advance.

It's Over!

This post is brought to you by the letter "O" for It's OVER!

No more crazy campaigning. It's Over.

No more slanderous, relentless TV and radio ads trying to convince us to vote for a certain "so and so," attempting to get us to think, but mostly just making us mad. It's Over.

No more walking around with a constant look of confusion and distress, just willing November 4th to come so all of this would go away. It's Over.

No more spot on SNL skits.

Actually, this is most likely untrue, and I'm glad since those spoofs are quite hilarious.

So, whether or not the person you voted for is our new President Elect, I think we can all come together and rejoice that this whole sticky, messy, LONG election is finally Over!

Music Week 2 again....

First things first, it is an awesome day in Minneapolis! It's supposed to be in the 70s today. Here's a picture of my commute into downtown this morning.

Now onto the music...

Utter Disappointment: Alms! Alms! from the Sweeney Todd soundtrack. I actually do like the music from this soundtrack, but this song flat out freaks me out. The woman sings off key and it's just plain freaky. I usually skip it. Luckily I was just on the bus, so I had some other ambiant noise to drown it out.

Boo Yea: Amy Hit the Atmosphere by Counting Crows. I really love this song. It was a nice one to follow up from the freak show of Alms! Alms!

Weirdest Transitions (I stole this idea from Steve): Amen Omen by Ben Harper into....America the Beautiful sang by the Muppets. I definitely didn't complain, but I had to switch my mind pretty fast.

Well here is my promised update from the musical journey. "Rock over London, Rock on Chicago. Wheaties the Breakfast of Champions." (if someone can guess where I got this quote from, I'll post another music update called Pieces of Eight. It's about two songs that I've had to listen to 8 times in a row.)