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book worm

I tried really hard to get him to wear Dave's glasses, but he's getting too old, too self aware. He would have none of my tom foolery. You can even tell by this picture that he was not digging my photo shoot.

In other news, we survived Christmas! I will be posting pictures from Max's first Christmas shortly. I know you will be waiting on the edge of your seat.

Santa loves my kid

We took Max to see Santa and it was a hoot! We waited in line FOREVER which gave us plenty of time to contemplate why it costs so darn much to sit on Santa's lap for two seconds. I think it's how Santa funds his whole toy making operation.

And of course I had him dressed in a little Santa suit of his own.

Max was sleeping the whole time we waited in line and seriously woke up five minutes before it was our turn. It was perfect! And when Dave went to go get him after the picture, Santa was over heard saying, "aren't you just the cutest baby in the whole world?!"

And really....Santa would know.

Oh, and here is his five week pic. Don't worry, I wont do this every week of his whole life. Maybe.

odds and ends

I realize this is turning into a baby blog, but if you were to ask "what are the Hildens up to?" Max is what we are up to, so.

Here are some random pictures that I want documented:

This is one of my favorite pictures so far!

Our little guy is growing and changing so much already!

In other news: we went on our first date sans kid! We dropped him off at my parents house and went to see the Muppet movie which we both thoroughly enjoyed and I didnt cry or anything when we left him, so success!

one month

Maxwell David is one month already!

Here are your one month stats, Max:

- you smile in your sleep all the time and it's SO cute! Please smile when you are awake soon
- you are now nursing like a champ and I'm so glad!
- you have been to see a cranial sacral specialist three times
- you are 8.1 pounds


Judah Nicholas Solberg and Maxwell David Hilden, born a week apart - almost to the minute!

three weeks

the weekend

Friday night was our annual Christmas cookie baking extravaganza!

We also had Grandpa Glen's 80th Birthday party

There were nine cousins and second cousins. Eight of them were three and under!

And this picture has nothing to do with anything, except that I love my kid's feet!