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Hello Newman

I got into a fight with Paul Newman today. Well, not with Paul Newman himself, he's much too old and frail, but with his company Newman's Own. I have loved these products for quite some time and was supremely disappointed when I discovered (or rather was enlightened - my mom told me) that their "all natural" lemonade has high fructose corn syrup in it. Umm....excuse me, but can you show me how you made that naturally? High fructose corn syrup can be very harmful to your liver, and heart, and can prevent your body from developing what it needs to hold itself together. Since I like my body in one piece I decided to write Mr. Newman a letter. it necessary to deceive consumers by making your "all natural" lemonade with corn syrup? I think not. Any more of that behavior and you will be receiving more nasty letters from the likes of me. Take that Mr. Newman!

Mutiny on the Bounty

The 1936 Academy Award winner for best picture. Clark Gable, the star of this film, is quickly becoming one of my favorite old movie actors. He was apparently a favorite at the time as well because he has been the star of two best picture winners in a row! We thoroughly enjoyed this film and highly recommend it. A few days after watching it I liked it even more as I found out it's a real story! The crew that rebels and takes over the ship (I'm not ruining anything I promise. Obviously there's a mutiny, otherwise it would be called Everyone loves the captain on the Bounty) discovers an island and stays there to inhabit it with some Tahitian wives they picked up along the way. That island is real and decedents of this crew still exist there! The weirdest part is, their economy is based on selling postage stamps. Check it out here and here.

Camera Boy

So I was going through some of my old things, and found this poem that I had written awhile a go. It's a little dark, and I would change a few things if I was going to redo it, but I still like it. So here it is.

Camera boy dreamed of playing in the sun
Running and Skipping and Laughing, loaded with fun
His mother denied him of all the school boy jollies
By saying “my boy, my boy you are much too frail”
His father didn’t seem to be of any help at all
He only heard from him with the occasional telephone call.

Lots of chemicals and solutions filled his darkroom lab
No dreamed up concoction would change his head from this metal drab
Smells of Peroxide brought up suspicions
But Camera Boy would not budge with weakly submission

This Morning he would sneak past his still sleeping mother
Past his freakishly oyster headed brother
Past all the furniture in the living room laid
Past the sleeping quarters of the Peruvian maid
Past the little dog that came back to life
He would do this with ease and no given strife

He opened the door to see the morning light
Although this time there would be no screaming with delight
He failed to see the little concrete crack
It would cause a problem for him walking with tact.
As he tripped, like pottery falling from the kiln
His head had now become just a lump of over exposed film.


Jessica and I just returned from an awesome stay with Justin and Autumn in California! We saw the sights, rode the rides, survived the sun, laughed the laughs, tamed the traffic, and lived to tell about it.

Some of the highlights were riding the Hollywood Tower of Terror, waiting in line for the Indiana Jones ride, and drinking fancy booms at bahooka. It was very nice for me to have Jessica along on this trip. This would be my forth time going out to California, to see Justin and Autumn, but it was Jessica's first. She has proved to be my favorite travel partner.

While we were there we toured the WB lot, and we were able to see where some of our favorite movies had been filmed. We also journeyed to Disneyland (twice!). On Saturday we took the long traffic filled drive to the beach. We flew the red eye flights, for both ways, and we would do it all over again for a trip like that. All in all it was one sweet, sweet, honey of a trip.

Thanks for the beard

We attended a cocktail party in honor of my sister's birthday on Saturday night. It was fun (mostly for me) to get all dressed up and wear ridiculously high heels and go places we normally wouldn't go. As we were leaving the downtown hot spot in which we were patrons that evening, some guy stopped Dave and said, "hey man, great beard...thank you!" In which Dave was heard to reply, something along the lines of, "yeah, you're welcome, it's all for you man!"

Jane Austen Book Club

That's right...I'm in one. And if it sounds super nerdy...that's because it is! But I don't care because I LOVE it. Discussing books I have read is one of my favorite things to do, and when there's a room full of girls who love Jane (that's right, we are on a first name basis) as much as I do, it's wonderful non-stop chatter about themes, heroines, friendship, betrayal, proposals...and on and on. The book club convened last night to watch Northanger Abbey the movie since we finished and discussed this book a few weeks ago. If you are interested in watching it, the Masterpiece Theater (2008) version is excellent. The BBC (1986) version not so much. I'm not really interested in watching a period film where the main characters bangs are feathered and the the soundtrack includes the electric guitar. And now on to Sense and Sensibility!

Cinco de China

What do you do when the restaurant you were going to dine in to celebrate Cinco de Mayo is no longer in business? Well...get Chinese food of course!

Snapshot from the desk.

50 Minutes until the end of the work day.