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The Haps

Big things have been happening in the Hilden household. We haven't given any details along the way because for a long time things were pretty uncertain. But one thing was always certain: God's faithfulness. He was so faithful in guiding and directing us through all the thinking, praying, waiting and decision making. He has brought us through a time of crazy uncertainty safely to the other side. Do you want to know what was waiting for us on the other side??

I'll give you a hint:

Need another?

This is a fun game, no?

Ok, ok...the big reveal.....drum roll please.....


We bought a house. This house, belonging to David's brother and his wife. And we couldn't be happier.

Yet Another Broker Conversation

Me: good news! The shares you have been waiting for are here!
Broker: That news is sooooo good I'm going to throw a parade down
            5th Avenue
Me: Well great, let me know if you need anything else. I'm glad I
       could help you out. Have fun with that parade.
Broker: ummm, I was joking about the parade.
Me: I know.

Blog it!

Boo yea! Blogging from home. Spell it! Check it! Love it!

Wordless Wednesday

This picture has been seen here on this blog in the not so distant past, I believe, but it made me laugh today, just as it did then.

And let me tell you something...I needed a good laugh today.

This isn't as "wordless" as I first intended it to be.

I must have a case of the Wednesdays.

I love Nerts

This is my friend Janet

Side note: Ok, so that's not really my friend Janet. She's so much prettier than this girl (although this girl is pretty cute, no?) I'm dumb and didn't take any pictures this weekend. My photography motivation has been slim to none lately. I'm sorry. I should be punished.

This is my friend Rachel

Please see Side Note above and insert name "Rachel" where you see name "Janet"
Thank you.

The three of us have been friends for a very very long time. We are separated now by many many miles and I don't like that. But what I DO like is when we travel (in this case it was Janet who traveled the most - coming all the way from NYC)to spend some time together and it's always great, grand and wonderful. We spent the weekend at the cabin where we lounged, talked, laughed and played Nerts! Have you ever played it? Best.Card.Game.Ever. Please all gather at our place so we can play it together. Thank you.

This is me waving goodbye to my friends. With both hands. It's the only cool way to do it and it's going to catch on like wild fire really soon. Just you wait.

Thanks for the great weekend girls! I love you both!

Number 14

I have added to my "list of things to do before 27". I still don't have a full 27 things however. It's harder than I thought to come with 27 things that I think I can accomplish in (less than) a year.

The continuing list:

20: re-learn how to knit

21: attend an auction

22: purchase a sewing machine and learn how to use it (Kellie? Are you out there? I'm enlisting you for the completion of number 22)

23: renew our passports

If you remember, number 14 went something like this: get a funky bundt pan and make a funky bundt cake.
I was lucky enough to receive a bundt pan for Christmas (thanks mom!) and this weekend I used it! I failed to take pictures however, so you are just going to have to believe me. The cake was...alright. It wasn't awesome, so I'm going to try again with a different recipe and then I will remember to get proof.
I have accomplished a few more items on the list as well, but will tell you about those another time. I don't have time for such tomfoolery at this moment.

P.S. Isn't bundt a real word? My spellchecker keeps picking it up. Weird. It's pretty obvious that Blogger spellcheck is not familiar with Nordicware, the king of the bundt!


This just in: Rhonda is most likely not going to make it.

Don't remember who Rhonda is?

Sweet, cuddly, lovable little Rhonda. She doesn't look like this anymore. She looks more like this:

And actually, if we are being honest, she doesn't look much like that anymore either. Her tips are brown, she droops and looks all together sad. I accidentally cut her little life short because I kept her in a too small pot for too long. A home transplant did occur, but she didn't spread out like I had hoped. She took to her new home like oil takes to water.

Dear Rhonda,

You were a nice plant.

You would have been even nicer if you would have bloomed or stuck around a while longer.


Your not so green thumbed owner