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The Fame Monster

I never thought being a celebrity would be like this. I mean, my life has increased an infinite amount of coolness in the last 24 hours. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about, by now, but I should share the news just in case it’s your first time being on the internet.

I have been featured on the up and coming blog "Batter Blaster." Let me pause and allow you to soak in what that possibly means for me……..

Had enough time?….I’ll give you a little more….close your eyes and REALLY think about it…………………..Are you there? I am. Since I have been featured on this blog, I have received many letters telling me how awesome I am, and what a change I am going to make in this world. I don’t even want to tell you how many letters, but I will………..E-L-E-V-E-N. Can you imagine? I can’t believe I’m still working. Walking down the street in Minneapolis has become impossible. If people aren’t talking to me, they are definitely talking ABOUT me. My wrist is still sore from the autograph I signed this morning. It may have looked like the bottom of receipt, but I know the cashier will be keeping that all to themselves.

So, let’s celebrate today. About being famous, loving life, and basking in the essence of me.



the good kind of busy

alternately titled: what have the Hildens been up to?

We have been busy. But it's the good kind of busy.

Below you will find a separate Jessica/Dave list of things we have been up to.


* Meetings at church

* I recently took on a new ministry at church and have been busy making phone calls to local food shelves and meeting with my team in order to start our own food pantry. It's a large endeavor, but one I'm super excited about and cant wait to see what amazing ways God is going to work in and through it.

* Game night with out of town friends, and new friends

* Weekly dinner and american idol viewing with siblings

* Cabin trip

* 2nd anniversary

* Date day

* Neighborhood watch group (ok, so tonight is our first meeting, so we haven't been busy with this yet. But we will!)

* Trying out new recipes. Chicken spaghetti anyone??

* Vacuuming dog hair. seriously, this could be a full time job

* Preparing for our cruise. that's right folks - in 30 days we will be sailing to the western Caribbean

* Viewing a friend's new bachelor pad

* Trips to Joann's and S.R. Harris for patterns and fabric

* Making use of our new (free!) treadmill

* Putting together a brochure for our church service. have I mentioned we've been busy with church stuff??


* Reading, reading, reading. I started War and Peace and Jess is blazing through the Uglies series.

* Playing a perpetual game of fetch with Olive

* Shoveling sidewalks, pathways, and driveways. And enjoying the impromptu block parties that arise from it

* Making a mix CD, "the year of the dog." It's a good one.

* Trying to make microwave baked vanilla cake in a coffee mug. That's a whole different post.

* Trying out new bus routes through different parts of the city. Wondering how a new restaurant can claim "world famous philly cheese steak" name. I will find out and report back

* Did Jess say wishing we were on our cruise??

* Reliving a good Vikings season through Madden 2010. Last game the Vikings beat the Bengals 76-14 if anyone is interested. Don't worry, we have already clinched the division too.

* Playing Fish Tales nightly. Raging at Fish Tales nightly.

Like I's the good kind of busy.

bar la grassa

Bar la Grassa = the perfect place for an anniversary dinner

the perfect place for a birthday dinner

the perfect place to celebrate that thing you did

the perfect place

And I'm not even exaggerating.

This was one of the best dinning experiences I've had in a long time. The food was phenomenal.

Well, hello apple and prosciutto with Gorgonzola and Parmesan dressing. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

This is what I ordered and it was fantastic. I cant tell you what it was called because it's no longer on their menu (online at least)

Inside each luscious ravioli was a poached egg. What the what?? Yep - and it was a party in my mouth.

They make their own pasta. They are cool like that.

And yes, I am the freak who takes pictures of her food. It's fine though - people just think I'm a food critic and give us WAY better service. Just kidding. Kind of.

And this, my friends, is what Dave ordered:

Gnocchi with orange and cauliflower. Are you hungry yet?

I have to show you one more thing.

Aren't the plates pretty??

Bar la Grassa gets the Hilden Two Thumbs (WAY) Up Award!

the love flower

Not to be confused with the "love fern."

Name that movie.

David brought this home from work yesterday. Isn't it super weird and lovely?

Not sure what it's called.

So I'm going with loveris botanitcus.

Or, the Love Flower. It fits.

2 years ago.....

Two years ago today, Jessica and I spent one of the coolest evenings of our lives getting married....literally the coolest. It was -19 out.

So far, we have had lots and lots of growth, and have learned tons about each other. I never thought marriage would be this fun, encouraging, and challenging. It is quite the ride and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Today we celebrate the marriage that God has given us.

Jessica you are the best mate ever, and I love you.

the blaster

Monday was just a rotten day for me. I was tired, work was...dull, I was late getting to work because of the snow and it also took me an hour and a half to get home because of it. So - needless to say, I was a bit crabby at the end of the day.

I went to the mailbox, hoping something in there would cheer me up, and lo and behold, look what were the only three pieces of mail we received that day.

Upon seeing these three treasures, Dave seems to to think that I jumped up and down, exclaimed, "my life is changed forever" and started giggling like a little school girl. But what I most likely did was say, "oh cool...some magazines" while shrugging my shoulders with indifference.

You can decide who to believe.

As for the rest of our night, I have two words for you:

Batter Blaster

Seeing this in the store, I always thought it had to be the grossest thing since sea monkeys, and we always made jokes about it and went on our merry way. But Dave decided to pick up a can to make some waffles. The thing that kills me about Batter Blaster is that it says it's organic. Not that I think the good folks at the Blaster are lying, it's just strange to me. Organic pancake/waffle batter in a can?!

It may be because my expectations were so low, but the Blaster did not disappoint. The waffles were quite tasty.

diy mirror makeover

Step 1: purchase an old mirror from a thrift store for $1.25

Step 2: make sure to capture your dog's reflection in one of your mirror pictures.

Step 3: spray paint the mirror a yummy cream color in a VERY cold garage

Step 4: hang it above a beloved piece of furniture

Step 5: put a blue pom in the picture to add some color.

Step 6: step back and admire your work

Step 7: LOVE what you just did with your living room