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Solberg Family Photos

I was lucky enough to take the Solberg family photos again this year! 
Here are a few shots from the shoot. 

Thanks Solberg clan, for being awesome!
To see last year's shoot, click here.

scavenger hunt party!

For my 30th birthday I decided that I wanted a scavenger hunt party. It was such a blast! Dave came up with the list of things we had to find. Here were the rules:
-take a picture of each thing
-a team member had to be in every picture

And the teams were guys against girls!

Here is a sampling of the fun:

Find the number 30

A garden gnome

A crown or tiara

A port-a-potty (extra points for a team member inside!)

A slide

kissing a mannequin 

A fast food drive thru employee

And there were more. Some pictures are not appropriate for the internet. 

We all convened back at our house for a lovely birthday dinner and review and tally of the pictures. And can you guess who won??


Such a great party!
Thanks guys and girls for coming and participating in the silliness! 

11 months!

It was particularly difficult to get his pictures this month. He is teething...AGAIN, and is pretty crabby most days. But Olive sure makes him smile, as you can see from the last pic. 

Max, here are your 11 month stats:
- You have 7 teeth!
- You are still crawling, but have stood on your own for a few seconds at a time
- You love to play with the ball crawl balls in your plastic pool
- You are getting very good at giving hugs, much to mommy and daddy's delight!
- You love books, especially ones with flaps or different textures
- You love using our dining room table and chairs as an obstacle course
- You are very verbal and say all kinds of "words" just not in English! You can say "mama" and "up" very clearly, you just dont always use them in context.

Maxwell David, you make my heart sing.

wrestle time

Suit Up

Track suit up, that is.

Last time we posed them like this, they were wee, tiny babes!

Cabin Adventures

It was a strange year for Work Weekend at the cabin. Laurie, Linda and Za stayed home to get Za and Bumpa's house ready for their estate sale so it was just the guys, me and Kellie. But as always it was amazing to be up there, even for a short time.

Max looked like such a big boy in this portable high chair!

These shoes were Dave's when he was a baby, and now they belong to Max!