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15 months!

Please excuse the dog hair all over his clothes, his snotty nose, and tousled hair. I saw a rare opportunity to snap a few good pics and jumped on it!

Max, here are your 15 month stats:

-You have 13 teeth!!
- You have been carrying a tennis ball (or any ball) around the house all day as of late
- You can make the following animal sounds: Lion, Wolf, Monkey, Elephant, Owl, Cow
- You LOVE airplanes and point them out EVERY time you hear one. I love it!
-You throw temper tantrums several times a day, mostly over not being able to play on the computer

You are at such a fun age, Max! Your spunky personality makes me smile and fills my heart to overflowing. Love you little buddy!

cabin adventures

Here is a picture montage of our latest cabin adventure, which included a wolf sighting, Reese's Egg S'mores and getting locked out of the cabin!!

Thanks for joining us Marroccos. We had a great time!

look alikes

I have been told that Max looks a lot like me when I was little. He of course has Dave's eyes and we are discovering that he has my temper (ugh) but I got a shot of him recently that was very similar to one taken of me when I was little and it's hard to deny the resemblance!

And maybe even more similar....our screaming faces. 

There you have it; like mother, like son. 
Check out the sweet 80's do that Laurie's sportin'!