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splish splash

Pool time!!

Juliet, you are so photogenic it's unreal

max goes on a picnic

Max went on his first picnic! We went to one of our favorite spots, Lake Calhoun.

The kid loves water bottles

life according to instagram

mother's day in pictures

6 months

Your six month stats:
- You have a tooth! A sharp little shark's tooth.
- You can sit up by yourself - pretty much. 
- You grab our faces and give us big, slobbery, open mouth kisses
- You have now had avocado, bananas, and sweet potato. You prefer avocado
- You can spin in a circle when on your belly
- You weigh 16 pounds 3 ounces!

You are such a sweet little man, Max. I love you!

first food!

Max had his first food the other day - avocado! He LOVED it. He kept giving me big smiles between bites. Next up: banana!

wordless wednesday