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family picnic

To celebrate my parent's anniversary, we picnicked at Lion's Park in Corcoran. It isn't anywhere near any of our houses, but we used to go there growing up so now it's tradition. And we are BIG on tradition.

This is my sister. Isn't she cool??

Dear Dave, you are almost as long as the slide. Love, me.


And no picnic is complete without an intense game of bocce ball!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

7 months!

Our 7 month photo shoot didn't start out great

But it got loads better when I gave him back his toy

He's becoming such a character

These two are quite the little buddies. Well, Max adores Olive but I'm not sure it's totally mutual yet.

I just took this picture today and it's already one of my all time favorites!

Your seven month stats:
- you are CRAZY close to crawling
- you hold toys in your mouth like a dog
- you are eating all kinds of solid food
- you have two teeth
- you laughed at a book!
- you love drinking water out of a cup

Max, I wanted you more than you will ever know. You bless my heart everyday.

videos galore

I have good intentions to do a lot of things, like post videos of max for our friends and family that don't get to see him very often, but alas....earwax.
So, I'll just put a bunch in one post!

All three of these are from about a month ago already. He is VERY close to crawling now.

cabin time

Max loves the cabin. But who doesn't, really?
You can dress like a lumberjack

Play with a flashlight

Snuggle with Daddy

Go on nature walks with Mommy and Grandma

But there's one thing Max didn't like....his life jacket.

Ahhh....that's better

life according to instagram

may misc.

dedicated to the Lord

A few weeks ago we had the privilege of dedicating Maxwell to the Lord. Basically we made vows, promising to raise him up in the knowledge of Jesus, and to seek God for the wisdom we will need for such a task. It was a very special ceremony.

We sang a special song of blessing while my dad walked with Max around the sanctuary

After the service, it was time to party!

It's my party and I'll sleep if I want to!

I love this picture of Max with my grandma. I'll send this to you, Grandma!

We love you Maxwell David. You are our special gift from God!