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Olive's first trip

Is everyone sick of Olive being the star of every blog post yet?? I'm truly sorry. Having a puppy, we are learning, is pretty all consuming. I just wanted to share some pictures of her first cabin adventure. Like I said before, she was a good little traveler and loved being in the great outdoors.

My sister Kellie is no dog lover, but Olive is slowly winner her over.

She has yet to experience the pontoon. That was a people only activity.

Where's Dave you say? It looks like he wasn't even there?? Oh he was there alright...hanging out with this guy!

Can anyone guess where this picture was taken? Some of you have been there. I promise. Rachel and know the place.

Olive vs. Sunshine Bear

We took Olive to the cabin for the first time over the weekend and she handled it like a champ! She felt so much like a champ that she decided to take on the likes of Sunshine Bear. This is canine/stuffed animal fighting at its best!

A New View

Well my position has changed a little bit at work, and that means that I was able to switch desks! I was really enjoying my desk today, so I thought I would share it with everyone. I hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday. Here's some things to look for…..

A skateboard
Picture of Ryan from the Office
Stamp from 1989
Pen from Belize.
Best niece and nephew you ever.
Best Wife Ever.
Uncle Leo
New Iron & Wine CD

How Quickly I Crush

I'm calling it a crush. Not an obsession, not an infatuation...a crush. It's not a crush on a person (although I have a mad huge crush on Dave), it's a crush on computer related things. Dorky I know.

My crush first started with the blog craze. It was probably more of an obsession, but shhhh....I dont like that word; hence the crush. I wanted to read blogs all day long. And I would. Every time I would be on the computer, Dave would say, "are you looking at blogs?" And I would sheepishly smile and say, "noooo" even though that's exactly what I was doing. My crush on blogs has since faded. Don't get me wrong, I still love looking at and reading blogs, it's just not quite on the same level as it once was.

The crush on blogs soon morphed into a love for Craigslist. We had a house with no furniture and all of a sudden I NEEEEEDED to fill it with stuff from Craigslist. I would search for everything I could think of, emailing people to see if things were still available, forwarding Dave links at every turn. "What do you think of this couch??" "I really want this hutch" and on and on. We ended up purchasing a few things from Craigslist and then my crush kind of faded. Don't get me wrong, I still look for things every few days, but it's just not quite on the same level as it once was.

My new crush? Twitter! I can't really explain why I like it so much. A status update website? Really? Kind of lame right? But let me tell you....there's something about it that just sucks you right in. And it's fun. It's fun to read little blips about what people are doing. I'm still crushing pretty hard on Twitter. But how long will the crush last? And the biggest question of all....what will be my next crush??

Wordless Wednesday


Are growing on the tree in our front yard.

And that makes me happy.

The Hippie and Me

I had an encounter with a Michael's employee yesterday that I would like to share. Keep in mind that this employee is a dude, long stringy hair, and most likely smoked out of his mind.

Me: Excuse me, can you tell me where I can find cheese cloth?

Hippie: (looking extremely confused) you referring to the color?

Me: (looking extremely confused)'s a kind of fabric....

Hippie: Oh...well (looking around the isle we are in) this is all the fabric that we have...

Me: (looking around the isle we are in and only seeing felt) well, it's not felt...

Hippie: hmmm...

Deciding that my efforts to get information out of this particular employee were completely fruitless

Me: moving on to my second question, can you tell me where to find gift boxes?

This, thankfully, he was able to help me with and I went on my merry way to find an employee who could tell me where to find what I needed.

Now, I have no problem with men working at a craft store, but please be familiar with the merchandise. If you work at a craft store, you should know that cheese cloth is not a color. Thank you.

That Just Happened

In our dining room, on the floor, there is a wooden vent cover. The other day while we were watching Olive scamper around the dining room, Dave thoughtfully asked, "wouldn't it be awful if Olive peed in the vent?"

"Yes" I replied. "it would be awful indeed."

Last night while I was making dinner and Dave was on the phone, Olive decided it was in her best interest to....yes you guessed it...PEE IN THE VENT.

Thanks Olive. It's a good thing you are so cute.

Olive Oyl

Well we have survived the first two days of having a new puppy. It's a lot work, but it's pretty fantastic. She slept the whole night, so that was cool, but getting up at 5:30am was not cool. Here's some pics and a little video. Just to warn you the video is pretty much Spielbergian, so get ready to get blown away.