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3 hour tour

Now sit right back and I'll tell a tale, a tale of a....
Ok - it wasn't a fateful trip, it was an awesome trip! We took a ride on an old steam boat that had been on the bottom of lake Minnetonka for...80 years? I don't remember exactly because I threw my brochure away, but it was a LONG time.

The boat took us to Big Island where there was an amusement park way back in the day. You know that rickety white roller coaster at Valley Fair? That used to be on Big Island. Now it's just a big empty island for exploring and picnics.

So we've got "Gilligan and the Skipper too"

Does that make us "the millionaire..and his wife" ??

I thought so.

15 things

1. Caribou gave me the wrong drink this morning.

2. Dave and I have been married for 900 days. Don't ask my why I have kept track of something like that. I can't explain to you how my brain works.

3. I love the new mini blizzards at Dairy Queen. It has fulfilled a long time need of mine.

4. We have to stain the windows we got LAST year. Owning a house is a lot of work.

5. Still wishing I had the white chocolate cold press that I ordered.

6. I'm having a hard time accepting that July is pretty much over.

7. We watch television so infrequently that when we do I'm mesmerized/appalled by all the commercials.

8. The WWE is equal parts ridiculous and hilarious.

9. Isn't it sad that when we do actually watch t.v. it's something like the WWE?

10. I'm loving our CSA these past few weeks. There's way more variety than we had the first few weeks.

11. CSA is Community Supported Agriculture. Just in case your were wondering.

12. I love lists.

13. My nail polish is all chipped off and looks pretty horrible.

14. I'm obsessed with making mini pies. I made blueberry this week and I'm going to make strawberry next week. So cute. So tasty.

15. I really want to cook through a cookbook. Have any of you done that? Know of any cookbooks that would be conducive to this?

this old house

A few weeks ago we had the honor of being able to tour a house that holds many memories for my family: my great grandmother's house.

She and my great grandfather owned a huge (read gigantic) house in Minneapolis and ran a home for mentally handicapped adults. My great grandmother was a saint. Truly. She would take people in off the street, feed them, care for them. She had a heart of gold.

The house was so big that there was often upwards of 20 people living there at at time! My parents lived in one of the upstairs apartments when they were first married. And it was my first place of residence too! It is rumored that my first night there, I slept in a drawer.

My parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary recently, so I arranged for us to get into the house to have a little looksie. Luckily, it was for sale at the time, so it wasn't all that difficult to set up.

Here are some pictures of the place.

This is the little apartment my parents lived in when they were first married

Check out that mirror in the bathroom! I heart that mirror.

Lots of beautiful stained glass

The whole gang sitting on the grand staircase. This is where all old family photos used to be taken.
This was an especially important visit for my grandma who hadn't seen the house in 20 years.

The house was designed by local legend John Bradstreet and is a one of a kind, historical gem. I would have done just about anything to purchase this beauty(just for the memories alone!), but unfortunately our pocket books couldn't handle another mortgage.

Isn't it gorgeous though?? Maybe someday it will be back in the family.

its the little things

With so much going on lately, it has been important for me to stop and remember what's important, and to be thankful.

128. finishing a book

129. starting a new book

130. watching grandparents fish together

131. a good report

132. a movie all together

133. a much needed haircut

134. spectacular sunsets

135. an "ice box" basement on a hot hot day

136. a semi clean house - finally!

137. root beer floats

138. new neighbors

139. cribbage on the porch

140. a plethora of out of town friends!

141. locally sourced ice cream

142. rocking chairs and laughter

143. wookie cookies

144. final details coming together

145. pictures that capture the moment

Gonzo Works for a Day.

Sometimes I just get too busy at work, and I need a break. Gonzo has been bugging me and bugging me to take over. He caught me at a weak moment, and yesterday Gonzo worked for a day. I originally posted these on my twitter account. You can find me at dave_hilden.

Here he is making the phone calls.

Replying to e-mails.

Taking my lunch.

Making the big decisions.

All in all, it was definitely worth it. I snapped a few photos, and then hit the lake. The only downside was the chicken feathers he left here. I said he couldn't bring Camilla, but he didn't listen. What a newbie.

wordy wednesday

I have a lot on my mind this week. Not really a surprise as this may just be the busiest week OF OUR LIVES. A bit of an exaggeration, maybe, but it feels truthful.

I'm not sure how it happened but nearly all of our out of town friends happen to be in town this week. And it's wonderful to see everyone and we love them dearly, but trying to hang out with a bunch of people during "wedding week" has been crazy.
It started last Friday with our good friend Rachel hanging out for Chinese food and possibly a viewing of the Hannah Montana movie. I cant remember.
Saturday morning was pancakes and coffee with our new-ish friend Paul from California.
Last night was ice cream with our friend Lee (from here but stationed in Cali) and tonight we are hanging out with more CA peeps: Justin and Autumn. How did so many of our friends end up in Cali? Strange.
My college roommate and old church friends are also in town, but unfortunately we are unable to see them due to our outrageous schedule this week. RATS!

Dave taught me how to play cribbage and we have been playing in the evenings out on our porch. The score so far: Dave 1. Jessica 1 . I love me a good card game! As long as the game does not include the word "trump" I'm in. Trump is my bane. As soon as the T word is mentioned, my mind goes to mush and refuses to listen to anymore instruction. I'm just being honest.

In other news: there is a giant moth living in our bedroom. And when I say giant, I mean nearly bat size. Seriously. How he has eluded death this long is beyond me. He always seems to hide just as I turn around to grab something in which to wap him with. And when I say "I", I really mean Dave.

I have so many wonderful pictures to share with you, and maybe you will see them someday. If my house is clean, and dinner is cooked, and all the laundry is done, and we're not hanging out with out of town friends, and I'm not watching Friends or OC with Kellie or Top Chef with Dave, and if all the stars have aligned then MAYBE I'll put all my pictures on the computer. Maybe.

toasts with the mostest

In case you were wondering what Parmesan toast with prosciutto, asparagus and eggs was...feast your eyes on this!

Kellie said, "Top Chef would be proud"

So..Tom Colicchio, this one's for you!

Find the recipe here


having my sister move in (the new room mate I have been referring to) has not been as big of a transition as I thought it would be. She is super easy to have around and she has been re-watching Friends with me so frankly, I think it's perfect.

Dave's sister Anna is getting married this weekend and I'm really looking forward to it. I've been helping with some of the decorations, but now it's crunch time so this week will be filled with all things wedding!

We missed our citie's firework display last night, partly because we forgot about it and partly because we've been so busy lately that being at home was just too nice. I'm not sure anyone really understands my love for fireworks. I was bummed. And we'll miss the aquitennial fireworks this year (my all time FAVORITE display) because we'll be out of town. I can't go the whole summer without seeing fireworks!!

Do you want to know what I'm making for dinner? Parmesan toast with prosciutto, asparagus and egg. Doesn't that sound divine? It's 9:30 am and I'm ready for dinner!

It's mid July already and I feel like we haven't done that many "summery" things. I feel like this every year. It seems that we wait all year for it to be summer and then we don't capitalize on the nice weather and do things summer related. Like...go on picnics every day. And...and...see fireworks!!

Mondays make me tired.

summer read

I am love love loving this book right now.

I am in the middle of the "pray" part.

Have you read it?

It is sparking the travel bug inside me that has been dormant in me since...ok March. March was not that long ago. Try telling that to the travel bug though. That guy is relentless sometimes.

I think I'll daydream the rest of the afternoon away. See ya work!