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movie monday

its hard to wake up

movie monday

This is from a few weeks ago, but Dave just showed me how to put videos on the blog from my phone. So here.we.go.

And 1,000 cool points if you can name the song playing in the background.

best gift ever

I have really cute videos of him that I will post if I can ever figure out how to do it.

max - the joy giver

Za asked me to post this picture, and of course I would have anyway, but it was awesome that she was able to communicate that!

She had a really great day with lots of new improvements. To read all about it, please visit her Caring Bridge site here

za update

If you would like to see daily updates about Za , please visit her Caring Bridge site here

Thank you for your support and your prayers!


My grandma, Za, has been in the hospital since last week. She had a brain hemorrhage which is very similar to a stroke. She has a very hard time communicating and doesn't have use of her left side. It has been very scary! But thankfully she is improving little by little every day.
For those of you looking for an update, here it is:
She is able to talk more and more each day and has been swallowing some liquids, which is so great! However, they have been unsuccessful at stabilizing her blood pressure. It's too high, which is dangerous in her condition. Please pray that the medical staff is able to figure out the appropriate medication and dosage to stabilize her blood pressure and that she regains use of her left side.

We love you, Za!


I'm not big on resolutions. They usually are outlandish goals that just get ditched a few weeks into January. These are small scale goals that I feel can easily be achieved. My kind of resolutions.

Here they are in no particular order:

- wear more skirts and dresses

- use my plethora of cookbooks

- be honest when someone says "where would you like to eat?" I feel like everyone on the planet is just all "oh, wherever is fine..." when they really have an idea of where they would like to go. I'm that way anyway.

- spend time with God at least four times a week. This sounds easy, but it's not.

I'm well on my way to accomplishing all of these. I bought a dress. I spent time with God today.
Although they are all on going things and not one time accomplishments, so I'm not even sure they count. Whatever.

2 months

I just taught myself how to do this in photoshop and I'm pretty proud

Here is Olive, as Justin says, sneak attacking her love

Here are your two months stats, Max:

- you are smiling and on the verge of giggling. Can't wait to hear your giggle!
- you have found your fist and suck on it often
- you have started liking (and smiling at) your toys, particularly your lowly worm rattle and monkey rattle
- you are growing out of your newborn clothes!
- you are 10 pounds, 13 ounces

You are the joy of my heart, Max.

the shower of showers

All of my showers were amazing, but I wanted to highlight one in particular. My friends are so amazingly talented at throwing a party! Here is a sampling of their creativity and hard work.

Check it:

These were the party favors. Inside the cups were onesie shaped cookies!

Everyone was given a letter of the alphabet to decorate for the nursery - they turned out so cute!

Check out my big belly. And just think, all that time I thought I was having a girl!

Me and the party planners. I'm sure they would be available for hire if anyone needs help with a party. They are so amazing and creative! Thank you Becky, Janet, and Rachel!

Max's gift to the grandparents

I don't have a picture of the finished product, so imagine these footprint ornaments with red ribbon on the sides and a wire hanger on top.

I got the idea from my best friend, Pinterest.


squirt's first christmas

There was basically just a lot of this:

Lots of loving on the kiddo. Note his super cute dude outfit.

and his equally cute christmas jammies. I obviously take no pleasure in dressing him.