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A new addition.....

Jessica and I have been married a little over year, and we recently bought a house. Honestly, we feel like well established adults who know what they are doing and they LIKE it! We are bold, we are awesome, we are Hilden FIERCE! I happen to know that everyone reading this blog thinks "oh man, Jess and Dave are soooo sweet. They are the epitome of cool. They are so active and have everything together I wish I could be their best friends, and we would laugh over the roaring coals of their brand new BBQ." Alright so that's a bit of a stretch....a huge stretch...last time we used the BBQ, I somehow torched our concrete sidewalk...I probably freak out a few times a week just thinking about being a adult. What happened?? One minute I was planning my summer vacation....and now WE'RE paying a mortgage! (see the jump from I to We're?) A lot has changed. A LOT.
One more thing is about to change. One. More. Thing.......BUT before I say what I should step back a little bit....

Growing up I always wanted to be Dr. Dolittle, not the Eddie Murphy Dr. Dolittle, BUT Rex Harrison's Dr. D. I wanted to ride inside of a giant snail, and laugh with the armidillo that just cracked a joke.

As I grew older my feelings changed, I knew that animals didn't actually talk to people....well they MIGHT, but they don't choose to talk to me. I decided that I would just own a bunch of pets instead. A few fish tanks, cats, a lion, and possibly a dog or two.

I grew,developed, and realized that my hopes of owning a lot of animals would probably not come true. I'm still holding on to my thoughts of owning a lion. ( I just have to sweet talk Gov. Pawlenty on over turning a few pesky laws. my next post is going to be about a petition that I am starting...). I settled down with the idea of just owning one animal. One sweet, sweet, honey of an animal. A Welsh Pembroke Corgi.

Then I met Jessica. My wonderful wife....who hates animals. How did God bring us together??? That is a whole other story with LOTS of twists and turns. Have you ever seen the show Family Matters? Let's just say I was Steve Urkel and she was Laura....

Growing even older, I learned life was filled with compromise and love. I learned that wives love their husbands and husbands love their wives. They want dreams fulfilled and hope to be had. They want to show love in mysterious ways and encourage each other. They want their spouse to smile, dance, and laugh with glee. They want them to be Dr. Dolittle.........

My dreams are being fulfilled on Saturday, May 2nd 2009......

Meet Olive Oyl.

Wordless Wednesday LA Style!

Close Encounters of the Plane Kind

UPDATED: Dave wanted me to add an observation that he has made. Since he happens to be one of the tallest passengers on any given flight, the person in front of him more often than not decides it would be a good idea to recline their seats and completely cut off his already near nonexistent leg room. While the people in front of me hardly ever invade my space in this way. Although I probably wouldn't notice if they did, me having short legs and all.

ORIGINAL POST:You sit so close to other people while riding on a plane that you are bound to pick up on things; eating habits, personality traits and the like. I've also noticed that one of two things will happen with the stranger that you are now touching elbows with. You will either talk on and off throughout the entire flight, or you wont talk to them at all. There's not really an in between.
On our way out to LA over the weekend we sat next to a retired retail mogul who said that the retail business in the 80's and 90's were "very good to me. I made a lot of money." Sweet. He talked to us quite a bit which made the almost 4 hour flight seem shorter. For this I am grateful. He also bought us drinks and offered to take us out to lunch next time we were in the LA area and had more time. Thanks Steve!
on the way back things were very different. We sat next to a young-ish gentleman who didn't talk to us at all. That did not stop me, however, from picking up on some less than desirable traits. For instance: while consuming a bag of guacamole flavored chips, he would lick each side of the chip before actually consuming it. Every.single.chip. I cant decided if that's gross or just weird. Maybe a little of both.
Stay tuned for trip pics. we cooooome!

We've been on the run
Driving in the sun
Looking out for #1
California here we come
Right back where we started from

Here we come!

That's right...we're off to LA for the weekend to visit these guys:

We were out there around this same time last year, and I'm sure things will be similar....lots of great (much needed) hang out time with Justin and Autumn, relaxing on their super cool themed porch/deck thing, Bagel Nosh, a Disney visit. The only thing that will be different is that Dave's beard wont be taking over his face this time!
Ha! Love you honey!
Have a good weekend everyone.


Dave and I don't watch much television - mostly because we aren't home long enough to turn it on usually. And the t.v. we do watch is in the form of seasons of shows we own or have rented on DVD. With one exception:

I have to admit we are addicted. We pretty much plan to be home or have access to someone else's t.v. for the two weekly broadcasts. It's a sickness really. We are currently seeking help.

We just cant help ourselves. When Mr. Seacrest stands on that stage week after week and opens the show with, "this is...AMERICAN IDOL!" you cant help but grin, get excited and inch yourself to the edge of your seat in anticipation.

If you don't follow the show, first of all you're missing out. Second, it's down to the final 5 contestants! I wont comment on the individual contestants because I want to hear what you all think. Adam is ridiculous. Ooops! Sorry that slipped out.
For those of you that DO follow the show, who do you think is going to win? Who are your favorites? What's with Paula's outrageous outfits week after week?!

Anyone else brave enough to admit that you too are addicted to Idol? Come on....I know there are more of you out there. Right?

Wordless Wednesday

And the Hunt Begins

Thankfully our living room looks LOADS better than the picture below. We have slowly started to transform our house from boxland to actual living space and it feels great!

The hunt I'm referring to in the title is the hunt for furniture. The small amount of furniture we had in our apartment now sits in our basement. That's it. That's all the furniture we had. Ok, so we have a bed too. And a table. But that's it I swear. Our living room is so sadly empty, save for the few boxes of random crap that will probably never find a home. I should say it WAS empty until a few nights ago when Dave's parents brought over a sweet looking old desk that belonged to David's grandpa, and last night when Matt brought over a couch that we can borrow until we actually find something permanent (thank you so much Matt & Chloe!!).

But the hunt will continue. And let me tell you, it's a serious, thought provoking, finance reviewing, road tripping kind of hunt. Last weekend we trekked up to Becker Furniture World in hopes of being awed and wowed by the selection and prices. We were sadly disappointed, but at least there were big fake bears to take pictures with. Totally worth it.

Wordless Wednesday

You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello

Goodbye awful smelling hallway EVERY time I came home from work. Seriously. Did it have to smell EVERY day?

Goodbye burst of cold water in the shower every morning when our neighbor turned on his shower.

Goodbye freaky woman in the basement.

Goodbye having to park on Lyndale at the risk of getting your mirror hit by cars driving too close.


Goodbye living right next door to pizza Luce

Goodbye not having to shovel or rake

Goodbye not having to do our own repairs

Goodbye our first place together

Goodbye apartment we loved

Goodbye 34

Hello having to pay for heat.

Hello having to shovel and rake, amongst many other up-keep responsibilities

Hello being tied down to something

Hello many many more (and bigger) bills


Hello much more space

Hello deck AND porch!

Hello space for pinball machines

Hello sidewalk and yard


Hello garden

Hello kitchen with enough room for more than one person

Hello first house

Hello 4211