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On Banking

"I was going to run the Santa Fun Run this weekend. Planning on just doing it in my boxer shorts, but it's so cold outside. I've decided to wear tops. Nobody wants frozen nipples."
-Wells Fargo Teller

aaah conversation.

"You show me a girl who doesn't like horses and I'll show you a girl who doesn't know if she is a girl or not"
-Mustache dude at Target

"Don't put your trust in walls 'Cause walls will only crush you when they fall"
-Ray Lamontagne

"I don't care if the turkey said the dog was a turkey, the dog is not the turkey, the turkey's the turkey, you turkey!"
-Muppet Family Christmas Quote via Justin

Change of Heart

At first, I was just going to post about things I randomly heard people say, but I've come to the realization that it doesn't happen often enough for me to post about things every day. Sooooo, I've decided it will just be about things that I hear people say in general, whether that be my friends, music, television, movies, etc...That way I'll just have more things to work with. It'll be fun.

Ballroom Dance

"I am pumped about jeans month. I'll tell you what, I am going to dance that boundary line. I'm wearing a half shirt sweatshirt like A.C. Slater used to wear."

Give Thanks

"That's nothing, back in my day that was no big deal!"
-Skyway Walker

"Even Mr. T been broke a few times"
-Mr. T

"Lucky for you, I am Lord Metric"
-Hardware Store Clerk

People are talking

"$11.95 for a pair of socks! They better be Cashmere!"
-Guy on a cell phone

- Someone walking to the bathroom

A Fresh Start

So I've decided to start something new. Something easy that I quickly update. For this blog I will be just writing things that I hear people say as I pass by them, or statements that are uttered under their breath, hoping no one else heard. I think it should be pretty fun, and I'm excited about starting something new! Of course, there will be times that I will have to edit their statements for content, but I will try and keep, any spoken words in the same spirit in which they were said. Hopefully this will be a good time!