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Dave and I just got back from a rip-roarin' Hilden family trip to the Chicago area for the semi-annual coin operated machine show! There were nine of us all together and it was wild and crazy but oh so fun. Unfortunately there's not one picture to be had from the entire trip. AHHH. How could I not take any pictures?? I guess I was just not in a picture taking mood. I'm entitled. Well actually....there was ONE picture taken. We all had matching "Crow River Trading" shirts on and our picture was taken for Antique Monthly Magazine, or something like that, so if I can get a hold of that picture, believe you me, I'll pass it along.

In lieu of having pictures to share from the trip, I will share with you more of my "to do before 27" list.

Numbers 11-19

11. Use eggplant in a dish I like. Eggplant Parmesan perhaps?
12. Participate in another race (length? TBD)
13. Make a chicken/turkey dinner
14. Take another road trip with Dave. (and get Dave to finish editing our video from the last road trip.)
15. Get a funky bundt pan and make a funky bundt cake.
16. Start an herb garden
17. Go on a girls trip.
18. Go through the Bible chronologically
19. Pay off our car.

I just LOVE lists. Any other list lovers out there? Sometimes when I'm writing lists I purposely put a few things on there that I've already accomplished just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing it off. I'm very tempted to do that with this list, but I'm going to refrain. update on # 2: I'm almost done with my picture project!! I just have to ask Dave really nicely to help me hang it up.


Jweaver said...

I love lists too and I TOTALLY put things on the list that I have already done- like if I do something extra that wasn't originally on the list I will add it so I can cross it off too. I love the feeling of crossing things off.
PS- can I help out with number 17???

Sara said...

i love lists... and i put on simple things (like take a shower) just so i can feel accomplished at the start of my day.

i highly recommend ratatouille for your eggplant dish - or some deep fried eggplant from a Mediterranean place.

Kendra said...

Things on your list I would also like to do!!!!!

13.Make a chicken/turkey dinner. And serve it on an beautifully set dinning table.
14. Take another road trip with Dave. Well, not with Dave, but with my own husband.
17. Go on a girls trip.
19. Pay off our car. I am half way there.

Isn't that funny that we have some of the same things on our list!! I love it!!!!

Margaret Glasson said...

I also love making lists. Its easier to get things done. I also would like to make a funky bundt cake. There is this super cute snowflake design one from Crate and Barrel. I think I might have to get it! Then, you could borrow it to make your cake. We both win! I love your list so far. Very attainable goals. Good luck.

Autumn Hilden said...

that's funny about the bundt cakes. i thought i was the only one! every time i go into williams-sonoma, i go straight for the cake molds. i kind of like the mini ones, but there is also an awesome cathedral one that is way complicated-looking.

Laurie Amos said...

For all you girls out there who want a cool looking bundt pan, do I have the store for you. Go to Nordicware on Hwy. 7 in St. Louis Park. They invented the bundt pan and all the other stores buy from them. The prices are better too!