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Pet Peeve

Monica Geller and I have something in common. "Animals dressed as humans" is one of our biggest pet peeves. Honestly. I hate it.

Disclaimer: If you are someone who dresses your pet, I don't judge you. Really. Whatever floats your boat.

So you may be wondering why on Earth I would be not only be admitting that I have done the unthinkable, but providing evidence of it right here on our blog.

Please let me explain. Olive had a vet visit the other night and whenever we take her anywhere she is treated like a celebrity. Seriously, it's kind of sick. The vet is a prime example. All the vet assistants (or whatever their title is) where all oohing and awing over Olive when one lady out shined all the others. She kept saying things like,"oooooh look at her, little low rider..." and, "her name is Olive and she has an olive green collar, work it girl! work it!" and of course all this being said in a high pitched baby voice. She was pretty funny. We let this go on and on for a few minutes and then said our goodbyes and quickly exited.

Just when we thought we were in the clear, we were in the parking lot for goodness sake, we heard a commotion behind us. It was that lady! She had followed us outside to give Olive a hot pink shirt that said, "surfs pup" on the back. I kid you not.

Ok, those of you who know me, know I'm not even a pet person, let alone someone who would dress my pet. But what could I do? Refuse this nice (albeit a little crazy) woman's gift? We took it graciously and swore to throw it away. But then....

We couldn't resist a one time wearing and picture taking opportunity. Dave suggested taking the picture into the vet the next time we are in. That lady is going to FREAK OUT! In a good way.


Justin said...

maybe that's why she was nipping -- all she ever really wanted was a pink t-shirt. she looks so calm in these photos.