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28 things

A few weeks ago I turned 28. It was not all that monumental except for the fact that it was my golden birthday!
For a few years I've been making a list every year around the time of my birthday of things I want to accomplish in the next year. I'm very sorry to report that I wont be able to cross off that many things. Oh well. I'll just carry over some things to the next list! Here's the rundown:

1)Go to the Global Market
2)Finish our wedding album going on three years of marriage. still haven't done this. whatever.
3)Get a bike (or find my old one?)
4)Get Dave's bike fixed
5)Go on bike rides with Dave
6)participate in a race
7)Take a road trip with Dave a mini one to Lanseboro. it was awesome.
8)Attend an auction
9)purchase a sewing machine kellie gave me one! or did I buy it from her? I cant remember
10)Renew our passports
11)Use our passports
12)Attend more community functions hmmm....
13)Paint the kitchen
14)Paint our bedroom still working on the bedroom re-do
15)finish porch project
16)Start on library project
17)plot out and plant perennial garden
18)File all our important papers
19)Establish a weekly date night still not good at this. Rats.
20)Organize laundry room Dave did this. Does that count?
21)Love people at work that are hard to love this is a work in progress.
22)Bake something once a week
23)Clean out and organize garage Also Dave. Looks amazing.
24)Plan a few "weekend getaways" to fun little towns in the area I guess Lanseboro counts for this one too, but this will probably be on my next list.
25)Spend more time with our grandparents
26)Organize the closets. All of them.
27)Save up for and purchase a DSLR camera and lenses
28)Learn how to use camera in # 27 Working on this!

29 things list coming soon!


Laurie Amos said...

Wow! Too bad the list grows longer as you grow older. You crossed off quite a few and you can cross off one more ...we have your bike in our garage.

Jweaver said...

Don't feel bad. My '28 things' post is coming soon as well and I didn't get that many crossed off either. Oh well, here's to another year!