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birds of a feather

I finally organized my pics! I don't know what took so long. I didn't even take that many while I was there. I'm just lazy I guess.

For an extended weekend I got to spend time with two of my all time best friends in NYC and it was pure bliss! The following pictures are a mixture of phone and camera shots.

I mostly just took pictures of this guy. Can you blame me??

We had an absolute blast eating, talking, laughing, walking, shopping, eating some more, and just being together!

We went to an amazing yarn and fabric store called Purl Soho.

This picture courtesy of Janet because I didnt have a picture of the three of us. What the what?? You can see more pictures over on her blog.

I love you my dear friends! To the moon and back!


Jweaver said...

yea! I love your pictures and I love you even MORE!

Laurie Amos said...

Charles is absolutely adorable!

Jweaver said...

ps. I love the picture of the yarn at Purl- that would make a really cool print!