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squirt update

the weight of four navel oranges

You can't really tell I'm holding four oranges, but I totally am. Also, if you are keeping track, you may have noticed that I skipped a week. I have been doing updates every two weeks, on the even weeks. I like even numbers more than odd ones. Strange?
Anyway, I kid you not, last week the corresponding veggie was ANOTHER CABBAGE!! Seriously, how many different kinds of cabbages are they going to compare this kid to??

Things are going great though. We are in the final stretch with just two months to go! We are painting on Friday and getting our crib on Saturday. So many exciting things!


Dumont said...

Considering that children are delivered by the stork in the cabbage patch, it seems appropriate to compare it to cabbage.

mrs boo radley said...

You just get cuter.

Lacey said...

You are so stinkin' adorable! Love the hair cut and I have to say, you and Kellie looks so much alike in this picture. Ok, obviously I know Kellie isn't in the picture. It was just a odd observation. I hope I get to see you and your baby bump sometime soon!

Jweaver said...

this is such a beautiful picture of you and baby! I love your hair and I love the shirt :) And I love YOU!