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I'm sure every mom wants to be a supermom. I know I do. But when I try to do everything without help I quickly get overwhelmed and lose my cool. This is a new sensation for me. I'm used to being super busy and doing everything, and working well under pressure. Not so with a baby. I think maybe it's because it is demanding in a whole new way than anything else I have experienced. I have never had to give of myself the way a baby requires.

I love being a mom. It is so incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, but so crazy demanding that I've come to a decision. I need a break.

In order to be a good mom, I need a few hours of alone time a week to run errands, read at a coffee shop, whatever. Then I can be refreshed and ready to answer all the "I need you" cries from my son.

Thankfully I have an amazing mom and mother-in-law who are eager to spend time with the little guy. Sometimes your sanity has to be a priority, right?

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