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scavenger hunt party!

For my 30th birthday I decided that I wanted a scavenger hunt party. It was such a blast! Dave came up with the list of things we had to find. Here were the rules:
-take a picture of each thing
-a team member had to be in every picture

And the teams were guys against girls!

Here is a sampling of the fun:

Find the number 30

A garden gnome

A crown or tiara

A port-a-potty (extra points for a team member inside!)

A slide

kissing a mannequin 

A fast food drive thru employee

And there were more. Some pictures are not appropriate for the internet. 

We all convened back at our house for a lovely birthday dinner and review and tally of the pictures. And can you guess who won??


Such a great party!
Thanks guys and girls for coming and participating in the silliness! 


Caleb said...

That coffee looks delicious. Caribou?

Jweaver said...

It was so fun!! Yay for turning 30!