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12 months

Technically he's not 12 months until 4:15pm tomorrow. Tomorrow. My baby will be 12 months tomorrow!

This picture is great, it looks like he is karate chopping Olive!

Max, here are your 12 month stats:
-You have 8 teeth and are working on a few more!
-You are SO close to walking 
-You love blueberries and anything tomato based
-You are a little nature boy. If you are cranky, being outside will instantly change your mood!
-You love to clap

Max, this has been the happiest year of our lives. We love you so much and are looking forward to how  you grow and change in the year to come. We thank God for you every day!


Jweaver said...

One year!!! I know it's only been a month but I feel like he has changed so much since his 11 month photos- he looks like such a little boy in these!
Oh my, Max how we love you too!! Happy Birthday little mister.