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15 months!

Please excuse the dog hair all over his clothes, his snotty nose, and tousled hair. I saw a rare opportunity to snap a few good pics and jumped on it!

Max, here are your 15 month stats:

-You have 13 teeth!!
- You have been carrying a tennis ball (or any ball) around the house all day as of late
- You can make the following animal sounds: Lion, Wolf, Monkey, Elephant, Owl, Cow
- You LOVE airplanes and point them out EVERY time you hear one. I love it!
-You throw temper tantrums several times a day, mostly over not being able to play on the computer

You are at such a fun age, Max! Your spunky personality makes me smile and fills my heart to overflowing. Love you little buddy!


Jweaver said...

So cute! but are you sure he's 15 months already???