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Spring Has Sprung.....on the 8th Floor of Macy's

Since spring refuses to come to Minnesota, we have to go find our own spring. What better place than at the Macy's Flower Show? This year it was titled The Painted Garden and had a cool Indian vibe. The Macy's flower show is a tradition in the Amos/Hromadko family and it usually includes lunch at The Oak Grill on Macy's 12th floor. The food is not all that fancy, but there's dark paneling on the walls, white table cloths and popovers so what more can you ask for, really? And it just brings to mind generations of families coming "all the way" downtown to discover what new, exciting things the (then Dayton's) 8th floor display had in store for them. Can you tell I'm a sucker for tradition?


mrs boo radley said...

You're so cute! Young and vibrant, and a great smile in these pics.
Sounds like a fun tradition.