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Mutiny on the Bounty

The 1936 Academy Award winner for best picture. Clark Gable, the star of this film, is quickly becoming one of my favorite old movie actors. He was apparently a favorite at the time as well because he has been the star of two best picture winners in a row! We thoroughly enjoyed this film and highly recommend it. A few days after watching it I liked it even more as I found out it's a real story! The crew that rebels and takes over the ship (I'm not ruining anything I promise. Obviously there's a mutiny, otherwise it would be called Everyone loves the captain on the Bounty) discovers an island and stays there to inhabit it with some Tahitian wives they picked up along the way. That island is real and decedents of this crew still exist there! The weirdest part is, their economy is based on selling postage stamps. Check it out here and here.