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Close Encounters of the Plane Kind

UPDATED: Dave wanted me to add an observation that he has made. Since he happens to be one of the tallest passengers on any given flight, the person in front of him more often than not decides it would be a good idea to recline their seats and completely cut off his already near nonexistent leg room. While the people in front of me hardly ever invade my space in this way. Although I probably wouldn't notice if they did, me having short legs and all.

ORIGINAL POST:You sit so close to other people while riding on a plane that you are bound to pick up on things; eating habits, personality traits and the like. I've also noticed that one of two things will happen with the stranger that you are now touching elbows with. You will either talk on and off throughout the entire flight, or you wont talk to them at all. There's not really an in between.
On our way out to LA over the weekend we sat next to a retired retail mogul who said that the retail business in the 80's and 90's were "very good to me. I made a lot of money." Sweet. He talked to us quite a bit which made the almost 4 hour flight seem shorter. For this I am grateful. He also bought us drinks and offered to take us out to lunch next time we were in the LA area and had more time. Thanks Steve!
on the way back things were very different. We sat next to a young-ish gentleman who didn't talk to us at all. That did not stop me, however, from picking up on some less than desirable traits. For instance: while consuming a bag of guacamole flavored chips, he would lick each side of the chip before actually consuming it. Every.single.chip. I cant decided if that's gross or just weird. Maybe a little of both.
Stay tuned for trip pics.


Noni said...

This is SO true of every flight I've ever been on! Thanks for confirming my suspicisions that everyone has similar experiences while flying...
Hope you had a great time in CALI!

Jweaver said...

The chip licking thing is both weird and gross, but I think a little more gross. I'm not sure I would be able to look/watch someone doing that.. ew