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You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello

Goodbye awful smelling hallway EVERY time I came home from work. Seriously. Did it have to smell EVERY day?

Goodbye burst of cold water in the shower every morning when our neighbor turned on his shower.

Goodbye freaky woman in the basement.

Goodbye having to park on Lyndale at the risk of getting your mirror hit by cars driving too close.


Goodbye living right next door to pizza Luce

Goodbye not having to shovel or rake

Goodbye not having to do our own repairs

Goodbye our first place together

Goodbye apartment we loved

Goodbye 34

Hello having to pay for heat.

Hello having to shovel and rake, amongst many other up-keep responsibilities

Hello being tied down to something

Hello many many more (and bigger) bills


Hello much more space

Hello deck AND porch!

Hello space for pinball machines

Hello sidewalk and yard


Hello garden

Hello kitchen with enough room for more than one person

Hello first house

Hello 4211


Snow White said...

that's wonderful and super creative! have fun with your move :)

Jweaver said...


Autumn Hilden said...


The Baby Makes 4 said...

Beware, we have your address and know how to get to your house...eeeeee.

Laurie Amos said...

Awesome!! Made me cry. Where has all the time gone by?

Noni said...

YAY! Congrats :)

J-mizzle said...

As astounding as it may be, I did not cry when reading your thoughts here. But it's cute that Mrs. Amos (mom version) did. Cool idea.

I've now been to the apartment and the house, and they aren't lying. There is space for more than one person in the kitchen.

Amanda said...

Hi Jessica and Dave! It's Amanda (DeBono) Holzmer from Chapel Hill and Southwest! How are you guys? I found your blog through Facebook, even though I don't have either one of you on my friends list, I was on with someone who did and I found Dave's profile.... Congratulations on your wedding and your house:) Time sure goes by quick... we just had our 3rd baby in December, our blog is

Shelly said...

congrats on the house! fun next life step, huh?

Amanda said...

I'd love to get together! I'd say it is long overdue:)You are probably busy with your move... we moved recently and I know how crazy it can get. Just let me know when you have time, my email is

Stacey said...

Cute Post. I liked it!!! :)