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Olive's first trip

Is everyone sick of Olive being the star of every blog post yet?? I'm truly sorry. Having a puppy, we are learning, is pretty all consuming. I just wanted to share some pictures of her first cabin adventure. Like I said before, she was a good little traveler and loved being in the great outdoors.

My sister Kellie is no dog lover, but Olive is slowly winner her over.

She has yet to experience the pontoon. That was a people only activity.

Where's Dave you say? It looks like he wasn't even there?? Oh he was there alright...hanging out with this guy!

Can anyone guess where this picture was taken? Some of you have been there. I promise. Rachel and know the place.


mrs boo radley said...

The picture of Olive with your sister is hilarious.

Jweaver said...

of course I know! Does that mean I can't guess??

Justin said...

I agree -- that picture of Olive with your sister is priceless.

Autumn Hilden said...

did i ever tell you about my brother's dog's first pontoon experience? i say keep olive on land or on a leash.