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list update # 2

I'm slowly getting a few things done on my list for this year. Thankfully I have 7 more months to get the rest done!

Here's an update:

9) purchase a sewing machine We "bought" (in quotes since we haven't paid for it yet - we totally will Kellie!!) an old one from my sister. now I have to learn how to use it!

13) paint out bedroom the color is "natural linen" and no, it's not white. there will be some before and after photos but not until the room transformation is complete.

27) Save up for and purchase a DSLR camera and lenses YAHOO!! We got a Canon xsi and I couldn't be happier. Add this to my list of "things I have to learn how to use"

That's all for now peeps.


Justin said...

So excited for your dslr! And even more excited to see some amazing photos here!