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This exercise in counting joy has been so good for me. It's hard to have a bad attitude (at work for example) when you are trying to find things all day long to be thankful for.

16. a forgiving husband when the dog drives me to near insanity

17. answered prayer and forward motion for a new ministry

18. people willing to volunteer

19. warm weather

20. cleansing rain

21. unexpected blizzards (of the ice cream variety)

22. family time at a tiki bar

23. time to relax and finish sudoku puzzles

24. a conversation about God's mercy and grace

25. seeing siblings perform at a coffee shop. they are so talented.

26. holding Jackson

27. coffee with an old friend

28. a delicious dinner made from rummaging through the fridge


Laurie Amos said...

I'm thankful for unexpected blizzards too!