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a weekend of entertainment

I love going to the theater. Especially the Guthrie. The building is beautiful, the location perfect, the atmosphere is brimming with anticipation for the next show. Its one of my favorite things to do in Minneapolis.

This weekend we went to see a Streetcar Named Desire with some friends.

Let me just start off by saying it was extremely well acted with an all star cast -including the part of Stanley played by Ricardo Chavira who stars in Desperate Housewives. Tennessee Williams who wrote the play is known to be kind of a downer and this certainly was no exception. It was heavy and depressing down to the very last scene. Thankfully some humor and lighthearted banter was interspersed throughout. We were not familiar with the story at all having never seen the movie or any other production of it and were commenting at intermission how we'd like to see the Marlon Brando version. By the end we both agreed we've had enough Tennessee Williams for a while. Is it worth seeing? Yes, very much so. But don't expect to leave feeling uplifted and happy. That's all I'm saying.

I also saw Eat. Pray. Love. over the weekend.

I read the book previous to seeing the movie and when I found out Julia Roberts was to play Liz I thought she would be perfect. She did not disappoint. The movie as a whole was good, but did not quite live up to her performance. It's hard not to compare movies to their literary counterparts. I thought it was a surfacy version of her experiences and ended up being a bit fragmented and disjointed. Character development was also lacking, but how do you squeeze so much time and so many amazing experiences into a two hour movie? Contrary to Streetcar, this will leave you feeling uplifted, if not a bit sentimental and wanting to take a year long trip of self discovery. When I got home from the movie, Dave and I went to go eat somewhere with outdoor seating so I could pretend we were eating at a street cafe in Rome. It wasn't quite the same, but it was lovely.

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Jeff P said...


I get what you mean about Tennessee Williams, though if you haven't seen it you should watch Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, it's slightly more up at the end than Streetcar.