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and that's the way it has to be, honestly

I am very prone to paper cuts. Why is that? I feel like I come home with one (or three which was yesterdays total) at least twice a week. Odd. And painful.

I just finished reading "the hunger games" and I literally could not put it down. Its been a long time since a book has sucked me in to the point where I think about it during the day, wondering what's going to happen to the characters, counting down the minutes until I can peruse the pages once more. perfect summer read.

This weekend includes a little road trip up to Brainerd to visit my friend Rachel. I'm looking forward to some girl time. She wanted to go tubing down the river, but since I hate tubing (is that lame??) she graciously agreed to do something else. I think we are hitting up some flea markets and watching bull riding. Or something.

Is it really August already? Is anyone else super bummed about that?? I'm not ready for summer to come to a close. Although I am looking forward to something that comes along with the close of summer: THE FAIR!! So I guess its bitter sweet.

I have an Avril song floating through my head this morning. Strange since I wasn't listening to any of her music. her first album though is really good. I still like it. Its one of those albums that reminds me of a certain time in my life. I love that. It's because I'm sentimental.