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cheese balls

So, I forced Dave to do a cheesy belly shoot with me. It's ok, you can laugh. I wasn't going to do one, but then everyone kept asking me about it and I figured I would want those pictures someday. It turned out, I want those pictures now! I think most of them turned out pretty cute, and not THAT cheesy.

We'll start with a silly one. Dave insisted on doing one with him in the background all blurry to make it look super creepy. Mission accomplished!

And here are some nice ones

Ok, a few more silly ones. We couldn't get through very many without making fun of ourselves.

And this one is my favorite. I think it was all worth it for this picture alone!

Dear Dave,
Thank you for cooperating even though I know you didn't want to. BEST HUSBAND EVER!


autumn said...

these are awesome! i love the silly ones. the creepy blurry one reminded me of this, the creepiest commercial known to man (which has been hilariously modified in convenient youtube video form:

Dave said...

I thought these pictures would never see the light of day....WHAT THE WHAT??!?!?!?!