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lunch date

On Friday I went downtown to have lunch with Dave. This may not seem remarkable, but it was. The reason is, I have never done it before. WHAT THE WHAT?! That's right. Friday was the first time we have had lunch together downtown. I used to have a full time job that didn't permit me to be away that long for lunch and now that my hours are more flexible, I'm still in the mindset that having lunch is not in the cards for us. But it is! And it was fun!

We got lunch from a food truck called World Street Kitchen.

The dish was called Yum Yum rice bowl, very appropriately named.

The excitement for the day didn't end with the lunch date. When I went to pick up Dave from work, protesters were everywhere! They were just sitting in the middle of Marquette so we had to drive the wrong way on a one way and then drive down Nicollet (where no cars are allowed to drive!!). We felt like we were breaking the rules!

And then I came home and made these. I'm obviously not great at making orange frosting. I need one of those fancy coloring kits. And I apparently need more dish soap.

I love season themed sugar cookies.