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dear sleep, I miss you. the end.

I have not had a full night of sleep in over three months. Before becoming a parent, I knew lack of sleep would be in my new job description, mostly because everyone told me "get alot of sleep now because once that baby comes..." and they were right, of course, but I never really thought it would be that big of a deal.

How wrong I was. Sleep is a big deal. And my lack of it has probably been the biggest challenge of mommyhood so far, except for my mastitis.

Sleep has always come easy to me and I've always been able to fall asleep very quickly, but I had no idea how good I had it until I had to live on very little of it. There have been nights when I've been woken up for the 5th time and I just start to cry. Seriously. I feel bad for Dave because "lack of sleep Jessica" can be a very crabby Jessica.

Max is actually doing quite well, I think. He sleeps from 10pm to about 4am when he gets up to eat and then goes back to sleep until 8. But on any given night, he is grunting and groaning and making all kinds of noise in his sleep and wiggling himself out of his swaddling and waking himself up. Sigh. It's really high time to move him to his crib at night. He has been sleeping in his crib for naps and that has been working out great. Maybe tonight is the night. He is almost three months old after all.