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our little trooper

Bringing a sick baby home from the hospital is a lot like bringing a newborn home. You are unsure and question everything. "Is this normal..." And your house is a complete disaster.

Max spent some time at Children's hospital this past week to be treated for a bad case of RSV.

Children's is an AMAZING place and after two doctor visits and stopping by two urgent cares and then leaving, we knew we were in the right place as soon as we walked in the door.

Everything and everyone is so thoughtful at Children's. It is kid centric down to the very last detail. And they really are all about taking care of the patient obviously, but also taking are of the family. We had a few meals at the Ronald McDonald House while we were there and I wish I would have taken some pictures. It was BEAUTIFUL. At first we felt bad using it since there are kids at the hospital WAY more sick than Max, but we were assured over and over again that it's for our use too. And actually it was a huge blessing. Having a kid in the hospital is expensive (especially with the ER visit) so having a few free meals was really wonderful. And I got to take a shower in the House and it was pretty luxurious. Every time I think about how they take care of the families of sick kids I just start to cry. No hospital staff is allowed in the house so they can keep it as non-medical as possible. They have a huge kitchen that you can use and they provide dinners and sometimes lunches. The first day we were there, Famous Dave's was catering. They have rooms you can reserve with a bedroom, bathroom, and living room with a TV for naps, showers or even an overnight stay. I told Dave that if we have any money to spare, we need to donate some to the Ronald McDonald House and Children's Hospital. We were so blessed by both!

This was a mosaic outside of the elevator on our floor. Beautiful!

This is Max's favorite little toy. It got him through many scary nose suctionings. I think it's his first little lovey!

And finally, the best picture of all time. I seriously will treasure this picture forever! Dave said "if you don't love this picture, you are dead inside" or something to that effect.

Despite being hooked up to oxygen and getting his nose suctioned out (they put a tube all the way down to his lungs!) he really was a trooper and in good spirits most of the time. It's so nice to have him back home, but now we have to work on getting him back on a good schedule. He's also getting up in the middle of the night several times like a newborn!