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our far away friends

Our good friends Caleb and Amanda came to visit last week all the way from Australia!! They stayed with us for over a week, which sounds like a long time, but really the time just flew by. Here are some highlights of their stay.

Dairy Queen

Max LOVED Caleb!

Swimming at Shady Oak Beach

Lunch at Fogo. YUM!

We have been wanting to try the tasting menu at Travail for a long time. This seemed like a great time! It was AMAZING!

I had to be a bit brave. Yes, that is beef tartare on that plate. I actually liked it!

And their desserts are always amazing. 

In honor of the olympics (which we watched a lot of while they were here) Amanda and Dave had a speed walking competition.

C & A: We miss you guys so much already! Thanks for coming and spending so much time with us. We are already looking forward to next year!