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city walk #1

We have this awesome book called "Walking Twin Cities." It divides Minneapolis and St. Paul into 1-3 mile walks and gives you detailed directions, maps, highlights and history of the area. So cool! We have had the book for several years and we finally went on our first city walk. We loved it so much that we vowed to do the next one very soon. Here are the highlights. 

We started out on Nicollet Island. In the picture below is the Eastman Flats that were built in 1877!

About 3 minutes into our walk we were stopped by a train. 
Max loved to watch the cars go by.

There are some adorable little neighborhoods tucked away on Nicollet Island. No pictures though. Rats! Just imagine little cottages with white picket fences and rocking chairs on front porches. A whole neighborhood of perfection!

Then we headed to Boom Island

We were supposed to cross Plymouth Ave bridge and explore a bit of the North Loop, but the entire bridge was closed down for construction! Bummer!

So we headed back the way we came

There is a catholic high school on Nicollet Island that has been there since 1900.

Who does this kid belong to??

Even though our walk was cut short, we had such a great time exploring a part of our city that we have never seen before!