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Saying Goodbye to Holli

My parent's got Holli for my brother during my first year of college. She was a REALLY naughty puppy. She got into the garbage constantly.  My mom said that Holli made her cry every day when she was a puppy. But we all loved her. Once she grew out of the puppy stage, she was a very sweet dog and became my mom's rand hand gal. She followed my mom all over the house every day. We recently had to say goodbye to the old girl. Even though she was my brother's dog, I know it's been hardest on my mom. Here's a few highlights from her little sendoff gathering.

Goodbye Holli. We'll miss you pup!


Pisces said...

I like these photos you posted, warm and sweet...I can tell.
You have a great family.

Swati Atreya said...

That is such a cute story and such an admirable pup... May god blesses her soul in heaven :*

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Stok Bisa Jualan said...

good pets

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