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I'm so Metro Transit.

Last Thursday, I boarded the 4k and started my trip back to our apartment. The brisk air had affected me a little bit, but I really didn't have to wait that long for the bus. Once I stepped in, I was blasted with heat, and I quickly warmed up. I sat on the right hand side, next to the window, and I started to read. Within the next few stops a couple of people boarded the bus. They were loud, sitting next to me, and complaining how the bus is soooo unreliable, and that you can never trust the schedules they post. According to one of the unruly passengers..."You just have to stand at the corner and hope a bus comes".

Immediately I thought these people obviously had no idea what they were doing. They said they were waiting for the bus for 2 hours (doubt it! considering one comes every 10-12 minutes.) and that no bus driver knew what they were talking about. The lady chimed in "this is the last time I use metro transit, I'm driving!" and that would be okay with me lady.

I love the bus. I've ridden almost everyday for the past two years, and for the most part it has been completely reliable, interesting, and enjoyable. I love the fact that I can sit down, and know that the bus driver is going to take me where I need to be. I usually throw on my iPod, and read for the 20 minutes it takes to get to our apartment. Sometimes I just sit and let my jumbled thoughts of the day stack up like a fresh Jenga board, totally prepared for the next game.

My appreciation deepened for the bus last week, when my co-workers were getting home an hour later than normal because of bad weather, and my watch read 5:00 exactly when I stepped off the bus. It's a thing of beauty.

Thank you Metro Transit.


Jweaver said...

YEA for public transportation!! Although it's viewed a little differently here in NYC compared to Minneapolis.. I think we should spread the love. I am with you!

t h a i t r a i t said...

Spreading the public transit love here in the PNW, too!

Becky said...

I have no issue RIDING the bus...I have issues with the actual bus. On our roads. and the bus line. right oustide my window. shaking my apartment. but you go ahead and keep riding that bus Dave - support public transportation - just don't drive one by my house :)

Stacey said...

ok... so...remember way back to the bus being hijacked in SW MN?? Maybe 3-4 years back?? Yeah that traveled right thru LUVERNE baby! Go PUBLIC Transportation! Really I have never been a bus rider, never needed it. I am sure not against it though! Maybe someday. Heck, my MIL drives bus! I'll just hook a ride with her. YEah.