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Snapshot Day!

Hellllooooooooo bloggers,

I figured I would unload some phone pictures to share with the world. Here they are....

this one is just from walking into work....when it was nicer outside. Now I mostly stick to the skyway.

Here is one from my new favorite pinball machine "Popeye saves the earth". Get ready to see this in a Hilden basement someday.

A couple of high score pictures from our Chicago trip. We played a lot of pinball and we have the scores to prove it! CDH is my sister-in-law.

A photo from my walk into work again, that middle white light is the moon. I don't think I'll ever get robbed at the bus stop. Robbers don't get up early enough.

My shadow on a wall at work.

This is my sad attempt at getting a picture of the Christmas decorations in the skyway. For some reason, under no circumstances, did I want the security guard to see me taking the picture. I hope no one throws up after looking at it. I'll try and get a better one.

A picture from Thanksgiving at my Grandma's place.

Last, but not least, a picture of my sister and her best friend.


t h a i t r a i t said...

I like snapshot day!

But I must admit...I am a little queasy after the 'Christmas decorations in the skyway' picture...

Justin said...

oh man -- i love that library dude! you used to be able to open his pile of books and hide things in there. but some industrial retiree has bolted that sucker shut. now it is just high quality art.