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Not just for Olympians

The Luge.

You may have heard of it. To most of the world, it's a sport in the winter Olympics, but to the Amos/ Jorgenson/ Hromadko/ and now Hilden families, it's something so much more personal. Every year (that we have enough snow) a luge is made up at the cabin. It takes many long hours of shoveling and clipping twigs and test runs before it's complete and ready to enjoy. When it's finished, from top to bottom it's about the length of a football field (is that right dad?). It's probably the most fun you would ever experience. Here are a few pictures to give you an idea.

*side note. The video from yesterday is Dave on a test run of part of the luge. When it's finished it goes WAY faster.

Everyone pitches in to make sure the luge is perfect.

The test runs are really hard work, but the task master (aka the luge mastermind, aka Dad) demands it of us, so we grudgingly obey.

Luging is pretty much the best thing ever, and it was extra special this year because we haven't had enough snow to build one in a long time. Hopefully this winter will be filled with many snowy, luge filled weekends at the cabin!


The Beals said...

I love the luge! Jess do remember about 12 years ago when the whole Beal clan went up there? The luge was awesome!

t h a i t r a i t said...

Luge on, my friends.

Use it or luge it.

Okay, I'll stop now.

Dave said...

"Use it or Luge it." I probably shouldn't find it as funny as I do. HILARIOUS! It's going to become a common phrase at the cabin.